Meet Tony Yang, RV Service Technician Foundation

RV Service Technicians standing in front of a trailer in a shop
Tony Yang completed his work placement at Courtenay RV Specialists

Q: How did you hear about Okanagan College’s program?
A: I attended a Career Fair and learned about the entry-level foundation program.

Q: Why did you want to pursue this career?
I own a campground and wanted to learn more about trailers to expand my knowledge and business opportunities.

Q: Do you have a favourite learning experience or project while taking the program?
I really liked the electric, plumbing and appliance lessons. It was a practical knowledge and I enjoyed the 2 week industry work placement in a working shop.

Q: As a student in this program, what advice do you have for other students who are considering this training?
A: Focus on studying and do lots of practice.

Q: What are some of the most beneficial things you learned in the program that has helped you during the industry work placement?
I felt like everything I learned in this program was helpful to starting a career in the RV service industry.

Q: What has been a big learning curve for you in the program?
A: For me, it wasn’t the course curriculum but having English as my second language.

Q: What has been a big learning curve for you during the work placement?
A: Learning how to
make caulking professional. Caulking is used to fill the gaps between two different or similar materials which is used a lot for sealing RVs.

Q: Walk us through your average day during the work placement.
A: I started at
8 a.m. and was at the shop until 5 p.m. Some of the tasks I completed during the work placement was resealing, caulking and plumbing. I used tools like a riveting tool, caulking gun, putty knife and so on.

Q: What were you most surprised to learn during the work placement that you didn’t learn while training on campus?
A: During the work placement, I learned a lot more about
exterior body repair.

Q: Share a highlight from your experience during the work placement.
A: I liked when I got to
rebuild a water line and reseal a big roof.

Q: Why do you feel work placements are important for learning the trade?
A: It’s important because you get
more communication with local shop and get to start networking with a shop you may be interested in working in. Its easy to look at job descriptions online but its different when you get to actual be in those shops trying it out.

Q: What are your future career goals?
A: My career goal is to
open a small repair shop in my campground.

Q: Would you recommend Okanagan College’s foundation program to others?
Yes, I would recommend this program because it is truly entry-level training for the RV service industry. This program will save you more time and give you more knowledge before trying to work in this industry.


Q: In your opinion, which skills taught in the foundation program are the most important for starting out in the industry?
A: In the foundation program the student is taught about the proper tools and procedures to get them started within the industry. They have the chance to get a taste of what it will be like working in and around these RVs

-Byron Scott, work placement employer, Courtenay RV Specialists

Published By College Relations on July 12, 2022
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RV Service Technician Foundation

Learn the necessary skills to become an apprentice RV Service Technician. Take practical hands-on classes in the use of proper tools, systems and safety-related activities as they pertain to the maintenance of recreation vehicles. Students will participate in a work placement, that will introduce students to real workplace environments, as well as provide perspectives to industry standards and expectations.

Okanagan College offers the only entry-level Recreation Vehicle Service Technician Foundation program in Canada.

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