Provincial COVID-19 Return-to-Campus guidelines updated; Federal Government lifts travel advisory

The Government of BC has released an updated version of the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Guidelines to reflect evolving public health guidance. The Oct. 25, 2021 version includes:

  • Updated BCCDC Return to Campus Public Health Guidance, including:
  • BCCDC modelling that the benefit of routine asymptomatic testing diminishes as immunization rates increase; and,
  • Revised contact tracing and notification protocols.
  • Updated program specific vaccination status considerations for individuals in health care locations for training or research purposes. If you are a student or staff member in a program or setting in which vaccination is mandatory, you will be notified directly and alerted to any changes in guidance.
  • The RTC Guidelines will continue to be updated periodically, as necessary, to align with evolving guidance.

Earlier this week, the Government of Canada lifted the global travel advisory to avoid non- essential travel outside of Canada, however the advice now is to carefully consider your own health and the state of the pandemic in the country you intend to visit before making travel arrangements. If traveling outside of the country for professional development, please see the recently updated Employee FAQs section for more information.

Thank you for the important role you play in supporting the provincial COVID-19 response and to keeping OC and our surrounding communities safe and healthy.