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Performance Partnership

Okanagan College employs its staff to deliver the highest quality of work to fulfill its mandate and commitments.  The purpose of the performance partnership process is to provide structure and leadership that allows employee performance to align and contribute to the College's overall success.  It also support career navigation and development for employees and succession planning for the College.  All employees of the College are responsible for achieving performance goals in alignment with the mission, vision, values, and polices of the institution, their job role, and in compliance to applicable agreements, regulations and laws.

Excluded, Exempt and Support Employees

The Performance Partnership Program is being implemented for use by Exempt employees as well as BCGEU Support Staff members.

Probation - All employees are expected to have a performance partnership plan (myP3) in place within the first month of starting a new position.

Annual - All employees who have passed probation are expected to have a performance partnership plan (myP3) in place by June 30th each year.  Annual reviews must be submitted annually by May 31st each year.

Faculty and Vocational

Evaluation processes for BCGEU Vocational Instructors (e.g. Student & Formal evaluations), as well as Okanagan College Faculty Association members (e.g. Formative & Summative), will continue to be completed in accordance with the respective collective agreements, as well as existing and ongoing policies, procedures and/or practices.

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