City of Kelowna supports OC trades programs through garbage truck donation

By College Relations | November 1, 2023

OC receives garbage truck donation from City of Kelowna
OC receives garbage truck donation from City of Kelowna

One person’s trash certainly can be another’s treasure.

The City of Kelowna proved the old saying true by donating a garbage truck to Okanagan College’s Trades and Apprenticeship program this September.

“When we determined that this garbage truck was at the end of its service life, we were happy to donate it as a hands-on training tool for Okanagan College students,” said Scott Hoekstra, Manager, Landfill & Composing Operations, City of Kelowna. “We’re facing a shortage of skilled trades professionals, and we know that this donation will help the college prepare students to hit the ground running when they graduate and go on to fill important roles to keep the city running smoothly.”

For students, getting hands-on experience and working with larger machinery, such as a garbage truck, is essential to their education and will ensure they have the skills and abilities to work on the vehicles that keep communities safe and clean.

“It is a really cool truck to work on," said Markus, a student in OC’s Heavy Mechanical Foundations Certificate. “After I graduate, I plan to work at a truck shop so getting to know these types of hydraulic systems will prepare me for equipment I hope to work on in the future.”

“We greatly appreciate the City of Kelowna donating a garbage truck to our Motor Vehicle program area,” said Stephen Speers, Dean, Trades and Apprenticeship.

“This truck has a unique array of hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems and makes an excellent addition to our fleet of hands-on training vehicles. Students and apprentices in the Truck and Transport, Heavy Mechanical, and Heavy-Duty Equipment programs will all benefit from training with this truck.”

The Heavy Mechanical Foundation Certificate trains students to find employment as a heavy-duty mechanic, commercial transport mechanic, diesel engine mechanic or transport trailer technician. Students also participate in a work placement, that will introduce students to real workplace environments, as well as provide perspectives to industry standards and expectations, more hallmarks of an OC education.

Application for Fall 2024/25 are now open, visit to learn more and to apply.

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