Message from Vice President Students


Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the school year I hope you’ve been able to settle into classes and find a schedule that works for you. While it has been wonderful to see more activity and life on our campuses, we know many of you are still adjusting to how things are now and many of you continue to take courses on-line. 

Remember, no matter which campus you’re attending or if your classes are on-line or in-person there are opportunities to make the most of your time at Okanagan College!

Make connections!
Take some time out of your day to explore the things that the Okanagan has to offer.

Here are a few suggestions:

Take time for you!
There are many options to enhance your academic and personal growth and to provide support.   OC Success Centres, provide tutoring and personal academic coaching; the Counselling Services provides in-person, on-line and telephone counselling options; and you will find career guidance at the Student Graduate and Co-op Employment offices.  

Do your part to keep campus healthy
We are all eager for the pandemic to come to an end, but we all have our part to do before that can happen.  If you haven’t been vaccinated you are encouraged to attend a vaccine clinic in your area.  If you are unsure about getting a vaccine, speak with your physician for accurate information. 

While on campus remember that the Public Health Mandate is still in place.   Everyone must wear masks in indoor public spaces - including atriums, meeting and study rooms - and in classrooms, labs and shops.  You may remove your mask to eat or drink, but must replace it as soon as you are finished.  Please be part of the solution – wear your mask and remind others to do so as well.   

Be kind
We know that things might be overwhelming at times and it can be easy to feel frustrated or concerned that you are not doing as well in your program at Okanagan College as you had hoped.  

Remember to show yourself and each other kindness, empathy, and respect.  Find ways to make someone’s day better:  Hold a door open for the people around you, prioritize others on the bus or on the road, or make sure to say hello to the classmates around you every day.  You never know how the smallest gesture or kind word may help.  

The VPS email continues to be available.  I look forward to receiving your questions and concerns and hope for each of you a successful and healthy year.