StrongerBC future skills grant

The StrongerBC future skills grant is open to British Columbians aged 19 years or older – regardless of financial need – and covers up to $3,500 per person for eligible skills training at public post-secondary institutions.

The grant will help learners access eligible short-term skills training to further their careers, upgrade their skills and enhance their productivity, giving them access to well-paid, high opportunity occupations.

Learn more about eligible costs, how to apply, and which OC courses and programs you can apply this funding to below!

Who Can Apply

The future skills grant is available to you if:

  • You are a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person entitled to study in Canada
  • You are a resident of BC and you currently live in BC
  • You are 19 years or older or you have graduated from high school by the time the course or program starts
  • You give Okanagan College consent to disclose learner and registration information to the Province of BC
  • You are not receiving duplicate or overlapping funding to cover the eligible costs (e.g. grants, loans, scholarships, or other funding that covers the same costs as the future skills grant)

You should also understand that:

  • The future skills grant benefits may have tax implications
  • The future skills grant is subject to a lifetime maximum of $3,500
  • If you are receiving any federal or provincial benefit, such as Employment Insurance (EI) or BC Employment Assistance (BCEA), you must seek approval from the appropriate government body before participating in a program
  • The amount of future skills grant funding you receive is subject to review and audit.

The future skills grant pays for:

  • A lifetime maximum of $3,500 inclusive of all eligible costs
  • Tuition
  • Mandatory fees
  • Program/course materials (e.g. textbooks, required program software, and tools)
  • Not eligible: childcare, living allowances, and transportation
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2024 Winter Update

For those students  who  will not attend a program in Winter 2024, we are pleased to confirm there will be additional future skills grant funded programming available in the Fall (September) 2024 semester. This funding will be available to new learners, as well as learners who have already accessed FSG funding, without reaching the lifetime maximum of $3,500.00. 

The government is committed to providing high-quality and relevant learning opportunities for learners and employers. That is why the government will be refreshing the list of programs funded under the StrongerBC future skills grant beginning in 2024. This will allow the government to offer, in fall 2024, more diverse and updated skills training options for British Columbians who want to access well-paid, high opportunity occupations. Please stay tuned for the refreshed list of program offerings, which will be posted in mid-late spring 2024. We thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in the StrongerBC future skills grant program.

Okanagan College will update our website with 2024 offerings once available. 

For more information please visit: StrongerBC future skills grant

How to Apply

1)  Check your eligibility

The future skills grant is open to residents of B.C. Find out more about who can apply.

2) Choose your courses or program

Find a program or course that interests you and verify that the timing fits your schedule. See course offerings

3) Submit your application

Use the red Apply buttons for next steps. 

Certificate and Microcredential programs:
  1. Apply through EducationPlannerBC and submit a completed copy of the declaration form to  after applying.

  2. Admissions will email you within 3 business days with your application status.

Non-certificate and Industry Training courses:
  1. Create a Student Account if you do not already have one and write down your username or student ID (it will start with an X). You will need this to log in to your student account in the future.  

  2. Download the declaration form  below and submit a completed copy via email to  

    1. Your OC ID number will be your X number from when you created your account  

    2. This form must be submitted and approved in order to be registered and receive funding.  

    3. In this email you must also indicate the course and section number you are interested in registering for.  

  3. Our staff will confirm your registration via email and will send you further instructions to prepare for your course. 

If you have any questions about this process, please Contact Us  

Declaration Form


Contact Information

If you have any questions email:

This project was funded by the Government of Canada through the Province of British Columbia.