Continuing Studies

CS Business Accounting Certificates and Courses

Learn more about the complete bookkeeping cycle with a range of certificates and courses through Continuing Studies. Gain foundational accounting knowledge that you can use immediately in your business or workplace. Build a range of business skills as you work towards a new career or advanced in your current role.

Basic Accounting Certificate

This certificate provides a foundational introduction to accounting for persons interested in entry-level accounting employment or accounting for their own business. These courses also set up the participant for future computer-based accounting classes.

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Bookkeeping Certificate

Interested in learning the complete bookkeeping cycle? This course covers the basics of bookkeeping, from spreadsheets to payroll and computerized accounting programs.

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In-A-Day Series

Excel in a Day - Level III

Leverage the advanced capabilities of Excel. Learn how to create and customize formulas and build stand-alone applications in a workbook, including VBA coding and controls. Perform database, financial and statistical analysis with functions and pivot tables. 

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Excel in a Day - Level I

Discover the power of Microsoft Excel 2019 as you create, edit, save, and print worksheets and workbooks. This course is intended for beginners as well as those wishing to refresh and upgrade their existing Excel skills.

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Excel in a Day - Level II

Go the next steps with MS Excel. Work with various functions to perform specific types of calculations, customize charts, work with pictures, and customize formatting for types of data. Previous working knowledge of MS Excel is required.

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Word in a Day - Level II

Go to the next steps with MS Word. Improve your skills and learn to use styles to provide consistent formatting in your documents; use tables; apply backgrounds; and insert, modify and edit items such as pictures, SmartArt and shapes. 

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Word in a Day - Level I

Improve your skills using the Microsoft Word program. Experience the magic of word processing and enhance your skills in basic techniques such as copying and moving text, aligning and indenting paragraphs, set line spacing, work with tabs, change margins, use the spelling and grammar checker and print.

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