President Selection

Presidential Search Process

In January 2020, the Okanagan College Board of Governors commenced the search for a new President. This webpage will provide information and updates on the process.

Recruitment Process

While the Board is responsible for overseeing the search process and selecting the final candidate for appointment, a President Search Committee has been established to recruit, evaluate and recommend suitable candidates. The recruitment process is governed by the President Selection Policy and Terms of Reference established by the Board of Governors for the Search Committee.

Search Committee

The President Search Committee was established by the Board of Governors in March, 2020 and is chaired by Gloria Morgan, Chair of the Board of Governors. The committee is comprised of Board of Governors members, employees and students:
  • Gloria Morgan, Board Chair
  • Juliette Cunningham, Vice Chair, Board of Governors
  • Shelley Cook, Board of Governors
  • Tina Lee, Board of Governors
  • Tim Walters, Education Council
  • Alex Starker, Student
  • Stephanie Leask, Student
  • Cam McRobb, BC Government Employees Union (Instructional)
  • Lynn Sinclair, BC Government Employees Union (Support)
  • Sharon Mansiere, Okanagan College Faculty Association
  • Allan Coyle, Associate Vice President, External Relations and Strategic Initiatives
  • Donna Potter, Comptroller

Search Consultant

The Board of Governors has engaged Leaders International Executive Search to assist with the search process. The role of the search firm is advisory, guiding the Search Committee to ensure a consistent, comprehensive, and transparent process is followed.

With more than 30 years of history exclusively focused in executive search, Leaders is one of Canada’s leading executive search firms with a particularly strong history in the post-secondary sector.

Lead search consultant Greg Longster, is a founding partner in the Vancouver office of Leaders. His professional experience, dedication and passion for executive search have helped him build a reputation for delivering excellence. Leveraging 18 years of experience in executive and management positions, Greg works with many of Canada’s top employers on their leadership search needs.

Milestone Dates (dates are tentative) 

January – March  Position profile developed, approved and posted 
April – June  Candidate applications received 
July – August  Preliminary assessment of candidates conducted 
August - September  Interviews with Search Committee occur 
October – November  New President selected and announced 

Candidate Profile

The candidate profile can be found on the Leaders International website.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions on the process or would like to provide a comment please contact Joanna Campbell, Manager, Executive Office.