Automotive Service Technician

Be a part of one of the fastest growing and most
technically advanced trades!

The automotive service technician trade is approved for certification. This means that someone entering the trade could apply for work virtually in all regions in Canada. Think of the possibilities. With the mobility of our society, the automobile has become a necessity. As long as we drive vehicles, we will require qualified repair technicians to service them. The mechanics of yesterday are becoming very sophisticated service technicians for today and the future.

The automotive industry has changed from very basic transportation to some of the most complex systems of all trades. Computerized systems in the vehicles are now a norm rather than the exception. Computers can operate anything from the engine timing and fuel system management to the position of the seats and mirrors. Where will the technology take us in the future?

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Program Details:
 33 weeks
Monday - Friday  8:00am - 3:00pm 

Outcomes:  Graduates of this program will receive 450 hours towards Automotive Service Technician Year 1 (AST 1) certification and the opportunity to write the AST 1 Certificate of Qualification exam. 

Career Opportunities:  As an Automotive Service Technician, you can work for a motor vehicle manufacturing company, a motor vehicle dealer, or anywhere where motor vehicles are serviced, like an automotive specialty shop or a service station.

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