Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship


"Automotive Service Technician" means a person engaged in the repair, adjustment and replacement of mechanical and electrical parts of automobiles, light trucks and mini-busses.  Technicians would be able to diagnose automotive systems, perform routine component replacment and rebuild or adjust a variety of automotive components.  A technician would perform these functions on passenger vehicles, light trucks and mini-buses in the following areas: engines, fuel systems, emission control and exhaust systems, brake systems, steering and suspension systems, manual and automatic transmission/transaxles, differentials, drive axles and drivelines, electrical and electronic systems, air conditioning, heating and cooling systems and trim and body hardware.
The Automotive Service Technician program is a 4 year apprenticeship leading to a Red Seal Endorsement.

Admission Requirements

  • You must be a registered apprentice within BC. 
  • Persons wishing to become apprentices must be employed with a business that employs a qualified journeyperson automotive service technician. The Industry Training Authority (ITA) sets up a registration for apprenticeship between the apprentice, the employer and the ITA.

Program Outline

**This outline is for the Harmonized program. If you are in a non-harmonized level there may be some curriculum differences. 

Level 1 (7 weeks)

  • Safety
  • Employment skills
  • Tools and equipment
  • Basic electrical systems
  • Brake systems
  • Steering systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Drive lines
  • Body accessories and trim
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (EV) safety

Level 2 (7 weeks)

  • Starting and charging systems
  • Electronic brakes, steering and suspension
  • Manual transmission
  • Clutches
  • Gasoline engines
  • Gasoline engine support systems

Level 3 (7 weeks)

  • Electrical and electronic systemsFuel delivery systems
  • Electronic ignition systems
  • Emission control systems
  • Engine management systems
  • Electrical accessories

Level 4 (6 weeks)

  • Automatic transmissions
  • All-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive systems
  • Diesel engine systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Restraint systems
  • Instrumentation and entertainment electrical systems
  • New drive line technologies

Program Fees

  • For tuition information visit Apprenticeship Tuition Fees.
  • Students must supply approved safety boots and coveralls.
  • Income support for apprentices attending technician-training courses is provided by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) through regular employment insurance eligibility.
  • For financial and other useful documents visit Important Documents

Employment Opportunities

The Automotive Service Technician will write the Red Seal exam on the last date of the level 4 technical training.  Successful completion provides the apprentice with the Certificate of Qualification as a Red Seal Automotive Service Technician.

Red Seal certified workers can work anywhere in Canada where their trade is designated. Labour mobility is essential for the Canadian workforce. For skilled tradespeople, the Red Seal is the recognized passport to mobility in trades across Canada.

How to Apply

Applications can be completed online here or over the phone. There is no application fee. 

Click here to view the apprenticeship schedule

Program Contact

Apprenticeship Office 

(250) 762-5445 (Local 4687)
Toll Free: 1-800-621-3038