Adult Special Education

Learning, Working, Living.

Adult Special Education

Do you have a disability or a special learning need? Okanagan College offers courses and programs that will help you improve your academic, employment, and independent living skills in a respectful and supportive learning environment. Personal growth and social development underlie all aspects of our Adult Special Education programs.

Tuition: All ASE programs, except the SAME program, are tuition free. Some mandatory Okanagan College fees do apply such as: student activity, student association, technology, and development fees.
Financial assistance may be available. Contact the Okanagan College Financial Aid & Awards office for more information.
When: Two semesters of approximately five months are offered each year. Program offerings vary based on student demand.
Where: Courses and programs are offered in Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, and Salmon Arm.

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ASE  Programs

Adult Special Education Students in Adult Special Education programs at Okanagan College are supported to reach for their best. It is the goal of the ASE Department to provide our students with the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential in society.

Adult Special Education at Okanagan College provides five Certificate Programs for students who wish to work on academic skills, independent living skills, and employment preparation skills.
Independent Living Skills Certificate Programs

Course work focuses on basic literacy and math, interpersonal and self-management skills, creativity and self-expression, and workplace awareness.
Basic Skills Certificate A (BSCA)
Basic Skills Certificate B (BSCB)
Advanced Skills Certificate (ASC)

PACE Program: Preparing for Access to Careers and Education

A one or two year career exploration/work experience program.

SAME Program: Supported Access to Modified Education

A supported inclusion program that helps qualified students access certain modified Okanagan College programs. Completion of PACE is a prerequisite.

Admission Requirements

To be an ASE student all students must be at least 19 years old or have a school leaving certificate.
Students who left school before graduation must be at least 18 and have been out of the public school system for at least 12 months.
A student who doesn’t meet the age requirements must be recommended for admission by a secondary school principal or counsellor and be interviewed by the ASE instructor.  The recommendation and interview  information will be referred to the ASE underage committee. Students will be admitted if recommended by the committee and space is available.
For underage students, the chance to stay and study at Okanagan College depends on the achievement of specific educational and behavioral standards as outlined in an individual performance contract.

All students must,
  • Participate in an intake interview with the instructor
  • Have the ability to learn and participate in a group setting
  • Be emotionally stable – have no behavioral or emotional problems that would significantly interfere with the learning or safety of self or others
  • Have a commitment to learning
  • Have an identified cognitive disability

Evidence of the above requirements must include at least two of the following (students must provide documentation at their own effort and expense).

  • A psycho-educational assessment
  • A copy of an IEP or transcript from school
  • Documentation of disability from a physician or medical specialist
  • A Referral from CLBC (Community Living B.C.)
  • A Recommendation from an instructor in the Adult Academic & Career Preparation program (AACP), another college, or high school
  • Referral from a community agency

Students who don’t have all the appropriate documentation may be admitted conditionally on the recommendation of the instructor with the approval of the department chair.  In cases of conditional admission, the chance to stay and study at OC depends on the achievement of specific educational and behavioural standards as outlined in an individual performance contract.
A student who is non-verbal or multi-disabled and requires special accommodations can only be accepted into the program when those specific accommodation needs have been addressed and met. The student may be required to attend with a qualified support person who will be required to participate in a learning contract.
Note: There are additional requirements for students interested in the PACE Program.

ASE Showcase

The Writing Your Life wiki contains the work of Okanagan College Adult Special Education students enrolled in the creative writing course called “Writing Your Life.” We invite you to visit our course wiki to enjoy the stories, poems, songs, prayers and letters created by Okanagan College ASE program students.