New world record for 25th Spaghetti Bridge as Hungarians sweep top spots

A new world record was the result for the heavyweight contest during Okanagan College’s 25th annual Spaghetti Bridge contest.

The winning bridge was built by Bala’zs Botka of Hungary’s Budapest Polytechnic, weighed 994.9 grams and held 352.62 kg before faltering. Botka won the competition last year with teammate Sa’ndor Kurucz with a bridge that weighed slightly less (984.4 grams) but also held considerably less (255.7 kg). Botka’s 2008 result broke the world record of 257.33 kg, which was set in 2005 by a previous Hungarian competitor.

Botka’s classmates took second and third place in the heavyweight division with Norbert Pozsonyi’s bridge holding 350.67 kg, followed by Szilard Markus’ bridge, which held 310.75 kg. This year marked the fifth consecutive top place finish for a student from Budapest Polytechnic.

Hungarian competitors in the heavyweight division took the top six spots, finishing ahead of three local contenders: Brad Reinholz (KSS 12.53 kg), Hayden Kanigan (KSS 11.92 kg) and Ian Purvis (OKM 1.76 kg).

Elsewhere in other categories three students from AL Fortune swept the secondary individual competition. In this category individuals’ bridges must carry a specified load without failing. The lightest bridge to carry the required weight is named the winner. First place went to Travis Fischer (268.5 grams); second place went to Marcus Purr (306.4 grams) and third was captured by Clinton Uhlenberg (307.2 grams).

In the secondary team category first place went to Al Fortune’s Marcus Purr, Brett Zak, Matt Townsend and Dexter Anderson (305.1 grams). Second place went to KLO Middle School’s Dylan Graham, Connor Scott, Adam Yeske and Jordan Ashworth (312.5 grams). Third place was also won by KLO: Brendan Wright, Jen Pynn and Austin Barrett (325.9 grams).

In the post-secondary category team competition Budapest Polytechnic took the top spot with a team comprised of: Norbert Pozsonyi, Bala’zs Botka, Sa’ndor Kurucz and Aliz Totivan (307.7 grams). Second place was won by Okanagan College’s Thanet Ying-Udomrat, Christopher Lundrigan, Tyler Kraft and Darren (314.6 grams). Third spot also went to Okanagan College: Jason Manning, Naomi Perrault, Brian Parke and Tom Tribe (322.8 grams).

There were no successful bridges in the post-secondary individual competition.

SNC-Lavalin Inc., builders of the new William R. Bennett Bridge in Kelowna sponsored the heavyweight category while ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C.) sponsored the teambuilding and student competitions.