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Hamilton’s term as Okanagan College President extended
Okanagan College Media Release

Okanagan College’s Board of Governors Chair Chris Derickson announced today that Jim Hamilton, British Columbia’s longest-serving post-secondary president, has agreed to extend his contract as the College’s President until January 29, 2021, when he plans to retire.Jim Hamilton Oct 2019

Hamilton, a resident of Vernon, has been President of OC since late 2004, when he was tasked with overseeing the transition of the College, as Okanagan University College evolved into OC and UBC Okanagan. His history with OC goes back to 1980, when he began his career as an English professor. He also spent eight years as a regional principal.

“We’re very pleased Jim has agreed to continue in his role until early 2021,” notes Derickson. “There are several strategic initiatives that will benefit from his considerable expertise and insight. The Board also asked him to complete work on the College’s Indigenization strategy and lead the development of a new strategic plan for the College.”

“The College has prospered under his leadership and we are grateful it will continue to do so.”

In 2016, Hamilton was recognized by Colleges and Institutes Canada with a distinguished service award for his work in promoting excellence in post-secondary education for many years. Hamilton has served on numerous boards, including as Chair of the BC Council for International Education, the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table, the British Columbia Council for Admissions and Transfer, and the Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society. He has also served as Chair of the Trades Training Consortium of British Columbia and Chair of BC Colleges.

Since opening its doors as the new Okanagan College in 2005, the College has grown by more than 70 per cent to become one of B.C.’s largest colleges. It also has the distinction of being the only College in B.C. that has met or exceeded government enrolment targets every year for the past 14 years.

“For all the growth, the thing that gives me greatest satisfaction,” says Hamilton, “is the increase in higher learning opportunities that Okanagan College has been able to provide for the region’s students. Along with our partner institution UBCO, we have been able to distinguish ourselves as a collaborative engine of economic and social development for the communities we serve and the province as a whole.”