Honorary Fellows

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Honorary Fellows

The award of an Honorary Fellow is recognition by Okanagan College of Honorary Fellow Medaldistinguished achievement or outstanding service by an individual.

The criteria for the award are mentorship, excellence, eminence and accomplishment. The College welcomes nominations that reflect the values of the College and the diversity of Canadian society.

Nominees will be persons who have made significant contributions to the College, the Okanagan Valley, the province, the nation or on an international level.

Okanagan College will keep all nominations and the information contained therein confidential. We request that a nominee not be informed that s/he has been nominated for an award. This saves embarrassment in the nominee is not selected by the Committee.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is to honour and recognize former Okanagan College employees, who have given outstanding service to Okanagan College, who share and support the mission, vision and values of Okanagan College, and who are active within and outside the Okanagan College community. This award will not be given as a matter of routine and is extended to only those who are most deserving.

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