Terms and Conditions

Okanagan College Print and Copy accounts are governed by these terms and conditions and Okanagan College’s Policies. Read the terms and conditions carefully, as they constitute legal obligations between you and Okanagan College (“OC”). The use of the words “you" and "your" denote the person named on the OC account or the person to whom the account is issued. 

By obtaining an OC Print and Copy account, depositing funds into your OC Print and Copy account or by using OC Print and Copy services, you agree to and accept all of these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time and without notice. Future changes will apply to all OC Print and Copy accounts in circulation and will supersede the previous terms and conditions in effect at the time you acquired your OC Print and Copy account. Be sure to review the terms and conditions regularly.

1. Use and ownership

You are the only person entitled to use your OC Print and Copy account. You may not use your OC Print and Copy account for any improper or unlawful purpose.  Using another student’s OC Print and Copy account, or altering or falsifying your account information will be dealt with pursuant to OC’s General Academic Regulations and Policies and OC’s Student Non-Academic Conduct Policy and may also be subject to civil or criminal proceedings.

You may use your OC Print and Copy account at all locations which support the service. The account functions on the principle of a declining balance where print or copy jobs produced on an OC print device will be deducted from your account.

You are responsible for the use of your OC Print and Copy account, including debits made as a result of misuse of your account. If you have problems using your account, you must first try to settle the problem directly with your financial service provider. In some circumstances, OC may be able to provide assistance in resolving disputed or declined transactions.

Please exit your OC Print and Copy account at the end of each session.

2. Security

You are responsible for safeguarding your OC Print and Copy account information against loss or theft, and for keeping your online account password, or PIN, confidential. OC will not ask you to divulge any of your access information. If you suspect another person knows your PIN, or password, call the help line at 250-762-5445, extension 4444 or toll-free 1-866-839-4032, or go to the Help Desk located in Room L104, Centre for Learning (Kelowna Campus only) and change it immediately.

If your OC Print and Copy account information has been compromised you must either immediately change your password through the Change Details tab within Pay Per Print Pay Per Print, or immediately deactivate your account by calling OC Print Services at 250-762-5445, extension 4242.  An email or voice message does not constitute proper notification.

You are responsible for all transactions made on your OC Print and Copy account until it has been reported to OC as compromised. OC is not responsible for debits or services obtained on a compromised account. After you deactivate your OC Print and Copy account, you will not be responsible for any further unauthorized use. Once a replacement OC Print and Copy account has been issued, your remaining cash balance will be transferred to your new OC Print and Copy account.

3. Expired Okanagan College Accounts

While OC Print and Copy account balances will automatically carry over from term to term with active use, the balance will expire after 12 months of inactivity. If you stop attending OC but return before your OC Print and Copy account has expired, you will not need a new account.  

No refunds of unused account balances will be issued for funds deposited into the OC Print and Copy account.

4. Charge disputes and/or Refund Requests

If you are not able to successfully resolve a charge on your OC Print and Copy account with your financial service provider and you wish to dispute the charge further, you must notify OC Print Services at 250-762-5445, extension 4242 or at payperprint@okanagan.bc.ca within 10 calendar days of the date of the charge. You must provide the date, location and amount of the transaction, along with any other information that may help staff resolve your claim. Disputing a charge with OC does not mean that the disputed charge will be credited to your OC Print and Copy account. Charge disputes are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If your refund request is approved, the approved amount will be reinstated to your account.

5. Currency

All OC Print and Copy account funds are in Canadian dollars. The intended amount of deposits made using a debit or credit card that was issued outside of Canada may not be equivalent to the amount actually deposited due to currency exchange rates.

6. Limitations on the Okanagan College’s liability and indemnity

Okanagan College is not liable to you for any loss, damages, or expenses of any kind that may result from the use or misuse of your OC Print and Copy account, or if your OC Print and Copy account is not accepted or you do not have sufficient funds in your account. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release OC from any and all claims for losses, damages, injury, fees, expenses, charges or debts made by any party against OC arising out of the use or misuse of your OC Print and Copy account.

7. Privacy Policy

All payment processing is conducted through PayPal. OC does not store any credit card or banking information whatsoever. We do not provide any personal information about you to any third parties.

Contact Information

Okanagan College, Print Services
1000 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC Canada
V1Y 4X8
Ph: 250-762-5445 extension 4242

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