Adopt a CreekOkanagan College is comprised of 4 campuses. The properties represent a total area of approximately 93.5 acres. The footprint for all buildings is equivalent to 16.9 acres. The parking lots and associated asphalt cover an estimated 35.5 acres. The remainder, approximately 41.1 acres is an assortment of treed areas interspersed with turf, natural grassland and various planted arrangements of perennials and indigenous flora. Much of the green area also acts as a natural wildlife habitat. Two of the campuses border natural wetland. Of the 41 acres, almost 75% is either natural non-irrigated terrain or xeriscaped.  

The total 41.1 acres is managed by the Landscape Division of the Facilities Management Department.
Our irrigation practices as well as plant selection are designed and selected to minimize our water usage wherever possible.  Where possible, the landscaping materials are diverted to our composting program.  All Pest Managemt functions are coordinated in collaboraiton with a team of licensed consultants. See our "Integrated Pest Management" Plan