Useful Links

Corporate Express
  -  The on-line web site for office supplies.

British Columbia Consumer Taxation Branch   -  The Consumer Taxation Branch administers British Columbia's PST (sales tax), hotel room tax, tobacco tax, motor fuel tax, and horse racing tax.

Revenue Canada Agency   -  Information, services, and applications that help promote compliance with Canada's tax and regulations; including forms, publications, and guides.

FXConverter - 164 Currency Converter   -  A multi-lingual currency converter with up-to-date exchange rates provided from leading market data.

Martindale's Calculators   -  A very extensive set of Java script based online calculators covering many subjects.

RCMP Scams Frauds   -  Provinces - Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, NWT, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario. 

Canada Post - Rates & Prices   -  Canada Post's one-stop rate finder.  Postal rates by destination.  A handy rate and price finder for sending letters and documents.  Change your address.  Delivery confirmation.

Canada 411   -  Offers residential, business, and toll free look-ups for Canada.

Canada Yellow Pages   -  Canada's official Yellow Pages, covering all Canadian provinces and territories.

Canada Yellow Business Directory Pages   -  Fast yellow directory for Canadian businesses with over 1.2 million business listings of phone numbers, addresses and postal codes in Canada.

Canada Border Services Agency   -  Information, services, and applications that help promote compliance with Canada's border legislation, and regulations, including forms, publications.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers   -  On-line directory of US and Canadian companies specializing in industrial products and services.

Westminster  International   -     Canada's leading provider of superior Direct Marketing Support Services.  Automated internet reply systems for direct marketers.  Canadian postal code look-up.  NCOA US zip code look-up.  Data processing.  Laser personalization bulk mail.

Tilma  -  The official website of teh TILMA Agreement.  A partnership between the Governments of Alberta and British Columbia.
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