Credit Card Changes

Changes to Payment Options 

Okanagan College no longer accepts credit cards for domestic tuition and several other fees and services.


Okanagan College has been reducing its costs of operation for several years. 

One of the costs that we focused on to reduce are payments to credit card companies – approximately $250,000.

Inflationary pressures led to the decision to eliminate the credit card option on domestic tuition and several other fees and services: we estimate this will save Okanagan College approximately $250,000 annually.

Students are able to pay tuition fees through online banking, debit card in person, cash and cheques. (For more information, click here.)



What’s In, What’s Out?

The 2012 change in policy applies to a range of fees and services. Below are lists (although they may not be exhaustive) of those things that Okanagan College will and will not accept credit cards for:


  • Domestic Tuition Fees
  • Trades Foundational Tuition Fees
  • Student Association Fees and all other Ancillary Fees
  • Student Health and Dental Plan Fees
  • Continuing Studies Certificate Program Fees
  • Co-op Education Fees
  • Graduation Fees
  • Testing Fees
  • Parking Passes
  • Gym Passes
  • Admission Deposit
  • Tool Loss/Tool Deposits and Project Fees
  • Housing
  • Library Fines



  • Application Fees
  • International Tuition and Medical Fees
  • Trades Apprenticeship Tuition Fees
  • Welding Level A and B Tuition and Welding Tests
  • Trades General Interest Courses
  • Continuing Studies General Interest and Short-Term Vocational Courses
  • Bookstore sales
  • Cafeteria/Food Services
  • Transcripts
  • Donations
  • Event tickets
  • Homestay fees
  • External Exam Invigilation Fees
  • Parking Fines
  • Room Rentals
  • Short-Term housing

There may be other fees charged by Okanagan College not listed here. The general rule is that for fees not listed, credit cards will not be accepted.


  • Why can’t I pay my fees with my credit card?
    The policy change is aimed at reducing operational costs at the College, minimizing the impact on services and programs for students. See the message above for more details describing why.
  • When did the change in credit card payment go into effect?
    The College stopped accepting credit card payment for domestic fees on August 10, 2012.
  • Since I can’t use my credit card and my student loan hasn’t arrived yet, can I have my fees deferred?
    Your payment options include:
    • using a cheque or cash advance from your credit card to pay your fees
    • borrowing money and repaying it when your student loan/grant arrives.
    If extenuating circumstances have caused a delay, please speak to a Financial Aid Advisor. Remember that your student loan application can be submitted before you are enrolled in courses. Early application ensures student loan/grant funds are available when needed.
  • Why doesn’t Okanagan College pass on the costs of the use of credit cards as a surcharge?
    Okanagan College, as a public post-secondary institution, doesn’t have the legal right to pass on fees to students by raising the cost of tuition to match the credit card fee; tacking on a surcharge to cover credit card transactions isn’t possible.
  • How do I pay my fees?
    There are actually quite a few ways that you can pay your tuition, including online banking. Click here for options and instructions...
  • Am I able to use credit card cheques to pay my tuition?
    If your credit card company issues cheques or cash advances, the answer is yes. A word of advice: consult your credit card terms regarding financing charges that may apply. Click here for All payment options.
  • Can I still pay my application fee with a credit card?
  • Can I still pay my admission deposit with a credit card?
  • I am an international student. How can I pay my tuition?
    Because international students may not have the same banking options as domestic students, you are permitted to pay by credit card. Additionally, international student tuition and fees are significantly higher than domestic tuition and fees, and these amounts are well beyond the limit set by most banks for individual withdrawals from debit accounts (and certainly well beyond the daily limit that the college recommends that students establish for their bank cards).
  • I have a daily limit on my debit card. What are my options?
    Please contact your bank regarding options to increase your daily limit or set yourself up to pay via online banking.  Click here for All payment options.
  • I don’t feel comfortable paying my fees online; how can I pay?
    There are many options for paying your tuition, including in person and through regular mail. All options...
  • Can I still pay for my books with a credit card?
    Yes, Okanagan College bookstores continue to accept credit cards for all purchases, and have no plans to change this method of payment.        
  • I want more information or would like to ask about reconsideration in my particular instance.
    Click here to connect with appropriate personnel. 
  • I want to register for a Continuing Studies or a Trades general interest course. Can I still use my credit card?
    Yes. Okanagan College continues to accept credit card payment for general interest and short-term vocational courses, but does not accept credit cards for tuition for other courses, including these certificate programs:
           Continuing Studies Certificate Courses
(Credit Card Payment Not Accepted)

  • All BC Campus Courses
  • American Sign Language Prep
  • Audio Engineering and Music Production Certificate
  • Autism Spectrum Certificate
  • AutoCAD Skills Certificate
  • Bartending Certificate
  • Basic Accounting Certificate
  • Bookkeeping Bridging Certificate (Distance)
  • Career Facilitator Certificate
  • Career Facilitator Certificate (Distance)
  • Community Brain Injury Services
  • Computer Basics for Business
  • Computer Proficiency for Business
  • Culinary Arts
  • Custodial Worker Certificate
  • Dental Office Administrative Assistant Certificate
  • Education Assistant Certificate
  • Esthetician Certificate
  • Floral Design Certificate
  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Certificate
  • Gerontology
  • Golf Course Maintenance Certificate
  • Green Building Design and Construction Certificate
  • Hearing Assistant Certificate
  • Home Inspection Certificate
  • Interior Decorating Certificate
  • Introduction to Office Administration Certificate
  • Introductory Conveyancing and Litigation
  • Landscape Horticulture Certificate
  • Learner Centred Instructor Certificate
  • Life Skills Facilitator
  • Management Skills for Supervisors Certificate
  • Medical Device Reprocessing Certificate
  • Medical Office Assistant Certificate
  • Medical Terminology (Distance)
  • Nail Technician Certificate
  • Nursing Unit Assistant Certificate
  • Palliative Care Certificate
  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate
  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate (Distance)
  • Production and Inventory Management Certificate
  • Residential Building Drafting Technician Certificate
  • Simply Accounting Certificate
  • Special Needs Worker Certificate
  • Staffing Services Clerk Certificate
  • Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate
  • Viticulture Certificate
  • Wine Sales Certificate
  • Winery Assistant Certificate