HR Contacts



Room E508 – Centre for Learning


Human Resources Division
1000 KLO Road
Kelowna BC V1Y 4X8


(250) 762-5445


(250) 862-5621

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Director, Human Resources
Linda Heska 4419
Executive Assistant
Diane Adair
Manager, Employee Relations
Louis-Philippe Lavoie 4223
Manager, HRIS & Total Compensation Nathanael Massey 4390
Pension & Benefits Coordinator Charlene Cornett 4603
Pension & Benefits Coordinator Rachelle Nielsen 4449
Recruitment Coordinator Bianka Blandon 4650
HR Advisor Emily Kompauer 4228
HR Advisor Vanessa Morash 4761
HR Advisor  Sarah Anstie 4208
HR Analyst (on leave) Liz Currie
HR Analyst  Laura-Jean Winslade  4547
HR Assistant  Patti Heinzelmann 4290
HR Assistant Arlene DeBruin 4291
HR Assistant Gardeen De Pluzer 4718


LINDA HESKA - Director, Human Resources (local 4419)

The Director has overall responsibility for the Human Resources function at the College, which includes the development and management of a comprehensive range of human resources programs: succession planning, management compensation, recruitment and development, labour relations and performance management in accordance with the mission, vision, values, goals and policies of Okanagan College. The Director is also responsible for human resource staff development and represents Okanagan College's interests with PSEA and other external agencies.

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DIANE ADAIR - Executive Assistant (local 4717)

Diane provides confidential secretarial and administrative support to the Director, Human Resources, the Manager Human Resources and the HR Division generally.  In addition, Diane supports the Human Resources team in the coordination and delivery of a variety of organizational and employee training and development projects. Additional assignments include Excluded & Support Professional Development, Employee Excellence Awards, Archiving & Records Management, New Employee Orientation, maintenance of the HR website and the coordination of HR Executive and Board Reports.

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Louis-Philippe Lavoie -  Manager, Employee Relations

The Manager, Employee Relations is a senior subject-matter expert on employee and labour relations.  The Manager oversees the interpretation, administration and application of human resource policies and procedures, the terms and conditions of employment that apply to exempt employees and the collective agreements that apply to bargaining unit employees.   The Manager facilitates the maintenance of effective employee & union-management relationships and assists managers and supervisors in effectively fulfilling their roles.  The Manager works with the Director in fostering continuous improvement in human resources services, products, systems and procedures, and a customer-focused team approach within the HR division.  The Manager leads, manages, plans, designs, implements, oversees and participates in human resource initiatives and the administration of a wide range of comprehensive programs and activities to support and impact positively on the College's overall performance and the achievement of its objectives consistent with the strategic plan and key directions.

Nathanael Massey -  Manager, HRIS & Total Compensation

The Manager, HRIS & Total Compensation assumes a lead role in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a total compensation strategy to support the achievement of Okanagan College's strategic plan.  The position is responsible for overseeing and providing direction in the areas of staffing, pension, benefits and compensation programs to employees and management in compliance with legislative requirements, regulatory requirements and College policies.  The Manager, Staffing Benefits and Compensation provides guidance and direction on the interpretation , administration and implementation of the policies and procedures regarding classification matters, staffing, benefit and pension plans, Collective Agreements, the Terms and Conditions for Administrative Employees and Employment Standards.

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CHARLENE CORNETT - Pension & Benefits Coordinator (local 4603)
RACHELLE NIELSEN, Pension & Benefits Coordinator (local 4449)

Charlene and Rachelle are responsible for Pension & Benefits administration, sick leave, long-term disability, return to work administration and wellness programs.  Charlene is on the Vocational Joint Rehabilitation Committee as well as the Support Staff Joint Early Intervention Committee and provides HR consultative services in retirement planning.

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Recruitment Coordinator -  Bianka Blandon - (local 4650) 

Responsible for planning,developing and implementing recruitment services to attract, recruit and retain qualified employees.  The Coordinator will work with Human Resource Advisors, Managers and departments to identify hiring needs and search requirements; develop and implement effective selection processes; and effectively match candidates with roles in which they will be successful.

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 Human Resource Advisors provide Consultative Services in the following areas:
  • Job Descriptions and Job Evaluation
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Exempt Terms & Conditions and Collective Agreement Interpretation and administration 
  • Exit Interviews
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EMILY KOMPAUER - HR Advisor (local 4228)

As well as Consultative Services, Emily is involved in Harassment Investigations, Faculty and Vocational Department Chair Orientation, Vocational JUMC, Vocational Joint Rehabilitation Committee and Faculty and Vocational bargaining.  Emily is responsible for the following departments:  

  • Arts & Foundational Programs
  • Continuing Studies & Corporate Training
  • Human Resources
  • IT Services
  • Library Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Regional Dean's Offices

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VANESSA MORASH - HR Advisor (local 4761)

As well as Consultative Services, Vanessa is involved in Harassment Investigations, Faculty and Vocational Department Chair Orientation, Support Staff JUMC and Support Staff Joint Early Intervention Program.  Vanessa is responsible for the following departments:

  • Facilities & Business Services
  • Learning & Applied Research
  • Legal Affairs & Policy Development
  • OC Board
  • Okanagan School of Business
  • President & Vice President's Offices
  • Science, Technology & Health

SARAH ANSTIE - HR Advisor (local 4208)

Sarah joined Okanagan College on January 7th, 2019 and as well as providing Consultative Services she is currently involved in Harassment Investigations as well as grievances.  Sarah is responsible for the following departments: 

  • Advancement and Alumni Affairs
  • Financial Services
  • Institutional Research
  • International Education
  • Registrar's Office
  • Student Services
  • Trades & Apprenticeship


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LAURA-JEAN WINSLADE- HR Analyst  (local 4547) as of October 1, 2018
LIZ CURRIE - HR Analyst  (on leave)

Laura-Jean provides technical, analytical and professional support and guidance and participate in the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of Human Resources information systems and reporting.  She is responsible for the development/coordination of HRIS reporting and metrics and ensure HRIS data integrity.  She also recommends and implements improvements to business processes and procedures related to reporting and systems to gain efficiencies and enhance services.  Other components of their portfolio include the coordination of the calendar year-end leave processes (ELMS) and are the first point of contact for position control.

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Human Resource Assistants have overall responsibility for: 

  • Staffing activities
  • Benefit and leave administration
  • Acknowledging changes in employment status
  • General inquiries

ARLENE DeBRUIN - HR Assistant - (local 4291) 
PATTI HEINZELMANN,  HR Assistant - (local 4290)

GARDEEN DE PLUZER,  HR Assistant - (local 4718)


The Human Resources Assistants are responsible for providing confidential operational support and providing procedural guidance of a routine and complex nature to the College community relating to staffing actions, in compliance with legislation, collective agreements and College Policy. HR Assistants are responsible for administering the staffing process and for accurately compiling, documenting, entering and updating all employment-related staffing actions from initial hire to cessation of employment into the Human Resources Information System (HRIS); this includes analyzing the staffing action for the effect on individual employee benefit and leave eligibility and accurately processing those changes, ensuring data integrity. The HR Assistant participates as a member of the HR team, which is responsible for providing quality customer service to candidates, employees, managers, union representatives, external agencies and other members of the Okanagan College community.


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  • Arts & Foundational Programs
  • Okanagan School of business (including Culinary Arts, Wine, Food & Tourism)
  • Continuing Studies & Corporate Development
  • Ancillary & Business Services
  • Campus Planning & Facilities Management
  • Financial Services