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Thanks to the support of generous donors, Okanagan College has earned a reputation for providing a world-class education for its students. We also pride ourselves on responding to the community needs.

Below are some of the new programs we’re currently working on to continue our mission to lead with innovative and responsive education.

If you’d like to explore how you can support leading-edge programming at the College, please contact us at foundation@okanagan.bc.ca


A male student in the Viticulture certificate program stands inside the wine cellar at Tantalus winery.

Current projects

Student Investment Fund

When networking with finance students at post-secondary institutions across Canada,  our finance students learned that schools with a student-run investment fund seemed to result in a better transition to careers for their graduates.

Seeing an opportunity to provide hands-on experience for more OC students while building capacity locally, Justin Rantucci, Steven Fiust and Riley Dunsmore are seeking the community's support to launch a student investment fund at Okanagan College.

Learn about the Student Investment Fund


Gateway to Tech

If you’re part of the technology sector, you’re all too aware of the tremendous opportunity and rapid growth of Okanagan tech – but you also know about the region’s skills shortages. A new program at Okanagan College aims to change that by introducing students in Grades 11 and 12 to the technology sector while earning high school credits towards their graduation. 

Experiential Entrepreneurship

Okanagan College’s School of Business is launching a new program that will teach entrepreneurship and business in a way most business owners would say is key to learning – by doing.

The Experiential Entrepreneurship program will see business students design, plan, launch and run their own businesses. 

Collaboration results

Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence

Scotiabank donated $200,000 to support the creation of the Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence.

The funding allowed for extensive research by students and faculty into the needs of local non-profits. After a gap analysis, students and researchers created online training courses that cover everything from fundraising to fraud, from project management to servant leadership. All the courses are offered free online. To learn more about Okanagan College’s Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence click here.

A Business student smiles while studying outside.

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