Virtual Assistant Certificate

Interested in working remotely for clients anywhere in the world?  Students will develop a business and marketing plan, learn Microsoft Office Suite, basic accounting, online collaboration and task management skills, and how to keep their business profitable. Gain skills to be an effective administrative assistant while building your own virtual assistant business.

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Tuition and fees

2023-2024: $5,141.11

Program details

This program is for students who are interested in becoming virtual administration professionals, working remotely for clients who are anywhere in the world. This program will teach you skills to be an effective administrative assistant while building your own virtual assistant business. Students will develop a business and marketing plan for their business, efficiently produce documents using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook), understand basic accounting functions and how to keep their business profitable, demonstrate an understanding for all aspects of office operations, develop online collaboration skills using software and various tools, and discover effective online communications for meetings, tasks, etc. The delivery of this program will be hybrid - synchronously working with instructors and other students at specific times with live lectures and discussion and asynchronously at the program pace to manage their projects and time.

Campus Start date Schedule
Distance Sep. 04, 2024

Admission requirements

  • B.C. Secondary school graduation, or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one year as of the first day of classes.
  • English 11 with minimum 50% or alternatives; or a minimum score of 70% on an Okanagan College Office Administration English entrance test.

Program outline

Complete All of the following:
OADM 167 - Computer Essentials
OADM 174 - Keyboarding
OADM 185 - Professional Skills for Virtual Assistants
OADM 128 - Word Processing I
OADM 110 - Business Communications
OADM 129 - Word Processing II
OADM 136 - Office Procedures
OADM 130 - Business Math and Calculators
OADM 143 - Accounting I
OADM 132 - Organizational Software
OADM 186 - Online Collaboration Tools
OADM 155 - Accounting Software II
OADM 171 - Desktop Publishing
OADM 169A - Spreadsheet I
OADM 169B - Spreadsheets II
OADM 190 - Online Marketing
OADM 189 - Business Planning and Management
OADM 191 - VA Simulation
  • Minimum passing grade per course is 70%.

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