Department of Sustainable Building Technology

Students learn with hands-on lessons with sustainable materials

Faculty are leaders in building science, technology, systems thinking and project management, and have delivered healthy, high-performance buildings throughout the world.

Diploma program

Be an agent of change as the built environment shifts to a net-zero energy, water and carbon future. The Sustainable Building Technology (formerly called the Sustainable Construction Management Technology) Diploma features two years of studies in an evolving and leading-edge field.


Courses in the Sustainable Building Technology Diploma program cover current construction techniques and what must change to meet requirements in Canada and around the world. Students work hands-on with sustainable materials and learn about renewable energy, regenerative design, lean construction and green retrofits.


Dr. Amy Vaillancourt

Chair - Sustainable Building Technology
Office: Centre of Excellence 230
Campus: Penticton
Phone: 250-492-4305 ext. 3321


Brian Rippy

Sustainable Building Technology
Office: Centre of Excellence 230
Campus: Penticton
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 6355

I have over 15 years of experience in sustainable design and construction management and worked as a consultant assisting local governments, NGOs, and international development agencies with sustainable building, renewable energy, energy conservation and water resource management initiatives. I have a Master's in Sustainable Design from Boston Architectural College and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. I have also obtained Renewable Energy Professional and LEED Accredited Professional certifications. I worked with the US-Green Building Council Rating System on LEED certified building projects as well as the Living Future Institute on Net Zero Energy Building certifications.

MSDS, Boston Architectural College
BSc, Civil Engineering

Ashley Lubyk

Sustainable Building Technology
Office: Centre of Excellence 236
Campus: Penticton
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 3210

Fifteen years ago, I found myself on Vancouver Island helping to build house. There were no saws or hammers or noisy machinery to speak of. Instead, we used our bare feet to knead measured proportions of sand, clay and straw together into a smooth, stiff mixture. Guided by our instructor – a German-trained architect specializing in earthen materials – we stacked these lumps together to form the thick, heavy walls that would eventually hold up the roof. The resulting house was unlike any other I had experienced – it was heavy, grounded and sat in perfect harmony with the land around it. Inside, the light played off the curvy walls, warmth radiated from the sun-drenched clay floor, and the air was sweet and uncontaminated. It felt alive. That experience forever shaped my understanding of what shelter could be. Since that time, I have worked with ENGOs to lead a variety of sustainability initiatives focused on energy and water conservation, rainwater harvesting, waste reduction and composting, local agriculture and permaculture. I ran a successful natural building company focused on cold-climate design - straw bale, light-clay straw, cob and adobe, as well as natural finishes, non-toxic paints, clay and lime plasters and earthen floors – working as a consultant, educator and contractor. Driven to learn more, I returned to school in 2016 to complete a Master’s in Building Science at Ryerson University, while also becoming an accredited Passive House Consultant through PHIUS. Prior to joining the SCMT team at Okanagan College, I worked as the Community Energy Specialist with the City of Kelowna, evolving the city’s regulations to incorporate the Province of B.C.’s ambitious new Energy Step Code initiative - a plan that seeks to take all new buildings in B.C. to Net Zero Energy Ready by 2032. I remain passionate about high performance enclosures, low embodied energy/carbon sequestering materials, natural building techniques, Passive House construction and the interface between politics, economy, health and the environment.

Certified Passive House Consultant (PHIUS)
MBSc, Building Science, Ryerson University
BSc, Environmental Science, University of Calgary

Martin Paradine

Sustainable Building Technology
Office: Centre of Excellence 236
Campus: Penticton
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 3204


I worked in the mining, oil and gas industries as an engineer and operations manager, before moving into my area of passion - sustainability and the built environment. I then acted as an energy consultant and worked for the past ten years in municipal government: Fort St. John, BC as a Sustainability Manager and Valleyview, Alberta as a Chief Administrative Officer. My interest in this area stemmed from living on a farm and experiencing the value of closed-loop agriculture systems, our role as good stewards of the natural environment, and how important these systems are to human and animal health. For more background on me:

MSci, Renewable Energy, UO (Germany)
MSci, Business and Administration, BTH (Sweden)
BSc, Mechanical Engineering, UM
Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
Certified RETScreen Expert (CRE)
Professional Engineer (APEGBC)

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