Department of Animation

Sample animation design by a student

Animation portfolio requirements

The following is an example of what to include in your portfolio for consideration into the Animation Diploma program at Okanagan College. There are also instructions on how to submit your portfolio at the end.

What to include

Letter of intent

In a one-page letter, please tell us about yourself. Describe your interest in studying art and animation and any previous education or related experience that you have had. Save the document as a .doc or .pdf file.

Artwork examples

Your portfolio must consist of 15 to 20 pieces of your own work, including the following.

Life drawings

You must include four to six life drawings done from observation.

  • Draw people in a variety of poses, nude or clothed
  • Draw from life, not photos. Ask your friends or family to pose for you or go to a life drawing class.
  • Loose 2 minute gesture drawings are preferred.
  • Anatomy studies of hands or feet

Digital images

Include four to six digital images. We want to see that you have basic computer skills and an understanding of graphics software. In this program, we don’t teach you how to use a computer – we teach you how to develop industry-standard skills using computers and industry software.

  • Supply digital images you’ve created in any graphics software, like Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, Clip Studio Paint, etc. Save the files as .jpeg/.jpg.
  • They can be characters or backgrounds or a combination of both.
  •  If you have ever done any 2D or 3D animation in software such as Harmony, Maya or anything else, this is the place to show it. Supply movie files as .mp4 or .mov files.

Perspective drawings

Include three to five perspective drawings. We want to see that you have a basic understanding of perspective and the horizon line with these drawings. They should be linear and include interiors and exteriors of architecture, buildings, a kitchen or bedroom, etc,. in 1, 2 and 3 point perspective. Studies that show a sense of depth. They can be line drawings or include shading. 

Personal work

Include three to five pieces of your personal work. Drawings, paintings or designs of original work that you’ve done from your own imagination. Character designs, mystical places, graphic designs, cartoons. Show us how creative you can be! Please don’t copy from other artwork.

How to submit your portfolio

  • Traditional artwork should be scanned or photographed under bright, even lighting and saved as a .jpg/.jpeg. Digital images should be saved as .jpg/jpegs.
  • Name each file appropriately; ie., Digital 01, Life Drawing 01, etc.
  • Create five folders on your computer and save the appropriate files in each folder:
    • Letter of intent
    • Life drawing
    • Digital images
    • Perspective drawing
    • Personal work
  • Zip all the folders into a single zip file and name it 

Portfolio submission process

After you have submitted your application to Okanagan College through EducationPlannerBC, a representative from the Science, Technology and Health Dean's Office will contact you with instructions on how to access the online portfolio submission portal, and the deadline for you to submit your portfolio.