Welcome to the Flourish Wellness Project

Flourish offers drop-in workshops with the aim of creating a safe space to support student wellness and mental health. Flourish started in 2017 at Okanagan College's Penticton campus and started operating online in May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our online workshops are currently open to all students, staff and faculty across all OC campuses. 

In Flourish workshops, we explore what it takes for each of us to flourish – this will look slightly different for everyone. You will learn about and explore a variety of strategies that can help you increase your mental wellness and, hopefully, your success and comfort as a student.

Why should you check out Flourish?

Having a healthy mind will help you be a successful student. Flourish provides strategies to help you learn how to manage academic stress, while connecting with other students and campus supports. 

Wellness Wednesdays

Our monthly Wellness Wednesday workshops will be happening online again in Fall 2021. Since May 2020, our workshops have had a special focus on strategies to help you cope during the pandemic, and we will continue to explore topics related to taking care of our wellness as the world opens up again. These workshops are an opportunity for all members of our OC community from across the campuses to connect and share in supporting our individual and collective wellness. Sarah Lefebure, Counsellor on the Penticton campus, and Samantha Johnson, Counsellor on the Salmon Arm campus, will lead the one-hour drop-in workshops.


  • Sept 29
  • Oct 27
  • Nov 24

To attend any of these workshops, OC students and employees self-register for the Flourish Wellness Workshop Moodle, by logging into Moodle. Self-enrol now  by clicking "Site home" at the left and search for Flourish. 


  • Session times are 12 noon to 1 p.m.
  • Sessions are drop-in – attend as many or as few workshops as you like
  • Free for all Okanagan College students and employees from any OC campus
  • Please make sure you have paper and a pen/marker with you for the workshop
  • Try to choose a quiet place where you are less likely to be interrupted

Flourish with Yoga

In Fall 2021, we are excited to once again offer Flourish with Yoga in-person on the Penticton campus.

Tuesday 12:00 noon to 12:50 pm

Sept 21 - Dec 7

In the gymnasium, PC 145

No prior yoga experience required and mats and props are provided. Build strength and flexibility, reduce stress and improve your wellbeing.

Classes are drop-in and free for all OC students and employees but you must have a Salto Gym Pass to participate. Gym passes may be purchased in the Administration area in  Ashnola building.

All people entering the facilities will be asked to provide proof of double vaccination and will also be asked for government issued ID. 

Stay tuned for future programs

We have had to postpone some in-person wellness activities due to COVID-19. Keep an eye out for announcements when the in-person fun can continue. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, meet up with other students and employees and spend some time crafting and connecting. Currently on hold – stay tuned for possible online offerings!

Mindful Mondays

Drop in for a few minutes of mindfulness to help reduce stress and improve your focus and memory. Don't worry: no meditation experience is necessary. These sessions are currently on hold due to COVID-19.

Wellness Wednesdays

Drop-in workshops offer a safe space to learn about ways to support your wellness. You choose how much or how little you'd like to share. We cover topics including self-compassion, taking care of your mental health, time management, making room for emotions and more. 

Wellness Wednesdays are currently being offered online. Please self-enrol in the Flourish Wellness Workshop Moodle to learn more and join the workshops.

Notice to participants

This is not a counselling group. Individuals requiring therapeutic support are encouraged to seek individual counselling. For students, contact OC Counselling Services. OC staff should contact the Employee and Family Assistance Program.

These workshops are designed to be pscyho-educational, which means they will help you to learn about topics related to psychology and how to take care of yourself.

To protect the privacy of other participants, we ask that you take what you learned and leave what you heard, especially any specific information about other participants.

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