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How do you post a job?

Email: or complete online job posting form below.

Please note when posting opportunities, as an employer, you agree to comply with provincial and federal legislation in recruitment and employment practices.

Resume Collection
You have the option of having candidates forward their resumes directly to you or having the Student Graduate and Co-Op Employment Centre collect resumes on your behalf.

Please provide the following information

  1. Job description, including type of graduate/student you require, qualifications, salary information and how to apply (i.e. directly to you or the OC Student Graduate and Co-Op Employment Centre).
  2. Company information, including contact name, numbers, address and web site.
  3. Deadline date - If no deadline date is specified, the system will automatically assign a 2-week deadline. Postings may remain on the site for up to a month and must be resubmitted after this time.