Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson sitting at a table studying

“I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to study at Okanagan College’s Penticton campus. My professors were fantastic, and learning close to home allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. I completed a Business Administration diploma this past fall.

I’ve tried to go to school before, but financial insecurity always ended up holding me back. I would end up having to work part-time, and then I would end up working full time and then I would end up having to leave school altogether.

I started applying for awards in my second year at Okanagan College. One of OC’s Indigenous Student Services Coordinators – Marcy Trotter – helped me through the whole process. I’m so grateful to her for her help, and I’m really humbled to have received so many awards.

Getting the awards meant I didn’t have to worry about finances when I was in school. Because I didn’t have to look for work, I could just focus on my studies and spend time with my daughter. The incredible generosity of donors and the support that I received from the Penticton Indian Band meant that I could be a mom who’s present.

My daughter Mia means everything to me. She’s changed my life in so many ways. I’ve been sober since I got pregnant with her in 2014. Without my sobriety, I wouldn’t be on my education journey.

My daughter’s dad passed away in a tragic car accident in 2018, and that encouraged me to go back to school to provide for Mia.

Through all of the trials and struggles of my life, the loss of Mia’s father, the death of my mom, and a severe car accident, the incredible generosity of community is what has made it possible for me to succeed.

Now that I’ve finished my diploma, my goal is to work at Okanagan College. I’m currently looking at jobs in administration, but eventually, I’d love to be part of the Indigenous services team. They helped me so much when I was in school, and I’d love to help other Indigenous students.”

Published By College Relations on September 1, 2022