Pandemic teaches importance of caring for one another

AMT Student Eric Pruijs
Eric Pruijs says donor support allowed him to stay in school and excel in his studies during a difficult time

Donor support creates community for student

Eric Pruijs was in the first month of his Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) program when COVID-19 resulted in classes being cancelled temporarily and quickly moved online.

“I felt alone when this was happening,” recalls Eric, who had saved up to take the program but still planned on working part-time to get by.

“I was worried about my finances and how it was going to work out. I needed to find ways to support myself.”

Eric considered leaving the program to focus on finding work full-time. However, an emergency bursary helped Eric focus on completing his program.

“It helped pay for my rent and groceries. Instead of going back to work I was able to focus on my studies,” says Eric. “It really helped me, and gave me time to study. I can see it in my grades.”

COVID-19 also meant he couldn’t see his mother, who lives in a long-term care home. Despite the challenges, Eric says the experience taught him that we are one community, and that if we are generous with one another, we can help each other accomplish our goals.

“If we’re all looking out for each other, we will get through COVID-19,” says the 22-year-old.

"When I received the emergency bursary, it gave me a message to pay it forward. To give a scholarship. I would like to do something like that because of how much it helped me and how much confidence it gave me and I would like to do that for someone else."

Published By Public Affairs on August 21, 2020
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