Meet Josh Lang, RV Service Technician Foundation

Three RV Service Technician students installing insulation on an RV in the shop
Josh Lang completed his work placement at Big Boys Toys.

Q: How did you hear about Okanagan College’s program?
A: I heard about the program at the Abbotsford RV show, I applied because of the wide variety of areas we learn about.

Q: Why did you want to pursue this career?
A: I love the outdoors and repairing things so I thought it would be a great fit for me to learn how to repair RVs. Also, a lot of the skills I am learning transfer to other aspects of my life.

Q: Do you have a favourite learning experience or project while taking the program? 
A: My favourite project was the manometer because we had so much creative freedom so I really got to play around with new materials that I’ve always wanted to work with. A manometer is an instrument used to measure and indicate pressure. 

Q: As a student in this program, what advice do you have for other students who are considering this training?
A: The advice I have would be don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when you have them.

Q: What are some of the most beneficial things you learned in the program that has helped you during the industry work placement?
A: Learning the construction and make-up of trailers so I can take on big projects and understand how to piece them back together efficiently. 

Q: What has been a big learning curve for you in the program?
A:  Getting into a routine so I can continue to study more often and be prepared for tests.

Q: What has been a big learning curve for you during the work placement?
A: There is a bit more pressure in the work environment to get things done properly the first time which was different for me because I am still learning as I work through new tasks. 

Q: Walk us through your average day during the work placement. 
A: I started work at 8:30 a.m. and would go on mobile service calls first thing in the morning. On one of the days, we received a customer call about an awning that wouldn’t roll up so the customer couldn’t transport their trailer. We arrived on-site and secured the awning so they could bring it to the shop to get a proper repair. I also replaced multiple water pumps and installed camper tie downs on some trucks. 

Q: What were you most surprised to learn during the work placement that you didn’t learn while training on campus? 
A: I was surprised to learn that the weight of trailers has been drastically reduced over the years. New trailers are a lot lighter than the equivalent trailer 20 years ago. 

Q: Share a highlight from your experience during the work placement.
A: Getting to know the people I am going to be working with was a highlight because they made me feel very welcome and treated me with respect and kindness. 

Q: Why do you feel work placements are important for learning the trade?
A: I feel it is important because you get a real taste of what working in a dealership would be like  and then you can decide if that is what you would like to do. 

Q: What are your future career goals? 
A: My goals are to get my Red Seal certification and try to specialize in custom trailer work, geared toward off-road. 

Q: Would you recommend Okanagan College’s foundation program to others? 
A: I would recommend this program! As the name states it gives you a really good foundation into the RV trade and you can take your time learning all the different components and systems of an RV.


Q: What key skills are important in the workplace?
A: No matter how well you are able to repair something if you don’t write the steps down how you were able to fix it, the service writer can’t charge for it. Stories are just as important as the repair.

-Adam Peacock, work placement employer, Big Boys Toys


Published By College Relations on July 12, 2022
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RV Service Technician Foundation

Learn the necessary skills to become an apprentice RV Service Technician. Take practical hands-on classes in the use of proper tools, systems and safety-related activities as they pertain to the maintenance of recreation vehicles. Students will participate in a work placement, that will introduce students to real workplace environments, as well as provide perspectives to industry standards and expectations.

Okanagan College offers the only entry-level Recreation Vehicle Service Technician Foundation program in Canada.

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