Meet Helen Pleavin, RV Service Technician Foundation

RV Service Technician students working on a RV in a shop
Helen Pleavin completed her work placement at Country Camping RV.

Q: How did you hear about Okanagan College’s program?
A: I looked up the program online when I heard about the RV Tech career and was thrilled to find a local post-secondary institute offering the training so I could take it close to home!

Q: Why did you want to pursue this career?
A: I worked in the tourism industry for 20 years and wanted a career that was more practical and hands-on. I felt like being an RV Service Technician would be a good fit to my previous experiences.

Q: Do you have a favourite learning experience or project while taking the program?
A: The three female students in my class worked together to replace the flooring of two slides in a fifth wheel travel trailer. It was a lot of work and a great team work experience. We learned together, supporting each other along the way, and had a lot of fun! The repair looked great once it was finished! 

Q: As a student in this program, what advice do you have for other students who are considering this training?
A: Make Q cards! Writing information on q cards worked well when studying for tests and helps me remember the material. 

Q: What are some of the most beneficial things you learned in the program that has helped you during the industry work placement?
A: I felt the entry-level training program was a great start – we learned a lot of skills and knowledge that transferred directly to a work situation. 

Q: What has been a big learning curve for you in the program?
A: For me, it was the power tools we use in this trade – especially the different types of saws.

Q: What has been a big learning curve for you during the work placement?
A: The practical application for the school work.

Q: Walk us through your average day during the work placement. 
A: I worked alongside Josh, an RV Technician, from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and did a variety of tasks such as swapping out and repairing appliances, installing solar panels and summerizing trailers. 

Q: What were you most surprised to learn during the work placement that you didn’t learn while training on campus? 
A: The shop environment at Country Camping RV was very positive. People were helpful, patient and shared their tools with me. I really enjoyed my experience!

Q: Share a highlight from your experience during the work placement.
A: All the staff at Country Camping RV were very welcoming when I was there and it helped ease my nerves! 

Q: Why do you feel work placements are important for learning the trade?
A: Work placements give a really good picture of what it’s like to work in the industry and helped understand what to expect when I graduate from the program.

Q: What are your future career goals? 
A:  I want to achieve Red Seal endorsement as an RV Service Technician.

Q: Would you recommend Okanagan College’s foundation program to others?
A: Yes, I felt like the training was a well-rounded start to my career.

Q: In your opinion, which skills taught in the foundation program are the most important for starting out in the industry?
A: Theory and on-the-job training is very important. Also, 95% of what I know and use daily is through making mistakes and learning from them so don’t be scared to make them, it will happen.

-Josh Corrins, work placement employer, Country Camping RV

Published By College Relations on July 12, 2022
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RV Service Technician Foundation

Learn the necessary skills to become an apprentice RV Service Technician. Take practical hands-on classes in the use of proper tools, systems and safety-related activities as they pertain to the maintenance of recreation vehicles. Students will participate in a work placement, that will introduce students to real workplace environments, as well as provide perspectives to industry standards and expectations.

Okanagan College offers the only entry-level Recreation Vehicle Service Technician Foundation program in Canada.

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