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Okanagan College has partnered with Kelowna-based company Do Some Good (formerly Volinspire) to help students connect with organizations seeking volunteers. 

About Do Some Good

Do Some Good is a Community Engagement platform that brings volunteers, charitable organizations and businesses together to build stronger and more connected communities. Visit Do Some Good's website for more information. 

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How does it work?

By logging on to Do Some Good through Okanagan College you can access a world of volunteer opportunities and track your efforts over time. Already a volunteer? Find new opportunities that match your interests and skills and highlight your current efforts. For students, it provides a chance to enhance your resume as you make meaningful contributions to organizations you care about. 

Receive recognition for the efforts you invest. Through testimonials, spotlights, stories and more, Do Some Good presents the chance to have every hour count for more. Get featured by displaying your skills, while engaging with the causes you care about. Be empowered and inspire others. 

Create a free online profile and start connecting with organizations in your community.