Public Affairs

The Public Affairs department at Okanagan College is responsible for a number of areas that include public relations, media relations, institutional marketing, communications and advertising, social media, website content curation and event promotion and co-ordination (including convocation and various open houses). The department is also responsible for assisting and guiding production of various institutional materials, including the Okanagan College Viewbook and numerous community reports.

Public Affairs personnel will also work to connect external organizations with expert speakers among Okanagan College's faculty and staff.

Convocation & Commencement

Celebrate your graduation from Okanagan College and join in the Convocation and Commencement festivities.


Since 2006, OC has been presenting Honorary Fellow Awards to deserving individuals as part of its annual Convocation Ceremonies.


Featured Events

To cancel or revise your event, email details to Michelle Lowry

Planning your own event?

Design services for Okanagan College Departments.

Let us help you to create professional display materials for your courses, events and promotions. We are here to help your department with creative solutions and print ready materials that uphold Okanagan College design standards.

What types of services do we provide?

Graphic Design
• Brochures, Booklets
• Postcards
• Rack Cards
• Posters
• Custom Projects
Ad Design
• Newspaper Ad Design
• Magazine Ad Design
• Other Publication Ads
Web Design
• Web Graphics
• Web Layout Services
• Web Banners
• E-Blasts

Things to include when making a request

  • Always include your contact information: name, department, phone, email
  • What type of project do you need? one sided, two sided, booklet, other
  • Size of project: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, folded, portrait, horizontal, etc.
  • Colour or black & white
  • Contact information as you want it displayed on the project. Each department and project requires specific information: name, department, phone, email, web address

Submit your graphic design requests to:

John Wecels

Senior Graphic Design
Office: Centre For Learning 501D
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4467

Strategic Plan 2020-21


Okanagan College transforms lives and communities.

We engage, lead and serve through:

  • A high quality educational experience for our learners.
  • An environment that supports employees and encourages personal and professional growth.
  • Collaborative relationships that are responsive to our communities.

Core Values

These serve to guide decision‐making as an organization and our actions as individuals.

  1. Learner Success.  Learners are at the heart of everything we do.
  2. Access.  We advocate and promote access to education.
  3. Continuous Improvement.  We strive to do better tomorrow than we did today.
  4. Collegiality.  In all our interactions we act with respect and integrity.
  5. Diversity.  We support an inclusive environment.
  6. Sustainability.  We strive for social, environmental and economic sustainability.
  7. Collaboration.  We embrace the opportunity to work with and learn from each other.
  8. Innovation.  We introduce, evaluate and embrace new ideas.

    Key Directions

    Supporting Learner Readiness and Success
    Through their educational experience, learners are better prepared for work, life and further study.

    • Improve pathways for students into, within, and beyond Okanagan College.
    • Provide the best possible support services for learners.
    • Enhance the learner experience by improving administrative systems and processes, and by creating an engaging college environment.
    • Implement an internationalization plan so that students better understand the world around them.

    Excelling in Teaching, Programming, and Applied Research
    Students, employers, and the community will benefit from the College’s commitment to innovative and responsive education.

    • Use the best combination of course delivery methods, such as face‐to‐face, E‐learning, and blended approaches, to address diverse learner and community needs.
    • Provide an array of programming that effectively responds to the needs of our students, employers and communities.
    • Provide opportunities for teaching professionals to continuously enhance their skills, knowledge and practice.
    • Significantly develop applied research, scholarly activity, and knowledge transfer activities to better serve students, communities, and employers.

    Working With, and Learning From, the Indigenous Community
    The College values and respects Indigenous culture and ways of knowing and is working towards indigenization. The goal is an authentic partnership that benefits all parties and enriches the education of learners.

    • Commit to an indigenization plan through engagement with Indigenous communities.
    • The plan will address:
    • Enhancing ties with Indigenous partners.
    • Strengthening support services as well as physical, cultural, and spiritual spaces that are available to learners.
    • Increasing opportunities for the college community to learn from Indigenous knowledge and culture.
    • Identifying possible changes to College policies, structure, and processes that will benefit all.

    Serving and Engaging the Community
    Strengthening relationships with alumni, employers, and community groups contributes to the health and prosperity of the region the College serves.

    • Increase the number and strength of connections.
    • Build and sustain relationships with alumni and donors.
    • Increase opportunities for engagement with all communities through approaches such as applied research, experiential learning, student employment programs, guest speakers, and events.

    Focusing on Organizational Sustainability
    The College needs to address the human and financial resources, infrastructure, and environmental challenges that will accompany anticipated demographic, economic, and social changes.

    • Seek additional sources of funding to sustain and further develop the College.
    • Ensure there are sustainable operations in each of the four regions.
    • Augment the College’s human resource plan through improved strategies in key areas such as succession planning, employee development and the recruitment and retention of a diverse employee base.
    • Complete and implement a sustainability plan that addresses environmental, financial and social sustainability.

    Join Speakers Bureau

    Okanagan College is compiling information for a Speakers Bureau, which will be available to the public via the Public Affairs website. This list will be useful both internally and externally for identifying experts and those with specific knowledge or insights in a variety of disciplines and subjects. The Speakers Bureau list will be distributed to service clubs and media outlets and will be made available via the web as well. Staff interested in being a part of the Bureau are asked to email Tyler Finley, Associate Director of Public Affairs, and send any additional information that may be pertinent. Members of the media and community groups may contact those on the list to inquire about their ability to speak on their area of expertise. If you have a question about the Okanagan College Speakers Bureau, contact Tyler Finley.

    Meet the team

    Allan Coyle

    Associate Vice President External and Strategic initiatives
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-862-5413 ext. 5413

    Michelle Lowry

    Executive Assistant - Associate Vice President External and Strategic Initiatives
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-862-5473 ext. 4649

    Tyler Finley

    Associate Director, Public Affairs
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4211

    Marketing Specialists

    Holly Stevens

    Marketing and Communications Specialist
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4942

    Andrea Dodd

    Marketing and Communications Specialist, Digital Content and Social Media
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4863
    Public Affairs - Andrea Dodd

    Simone Blais

    Marketing and Communications Specialist
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4945
    Headshot of Simone Blais

    Ginger Albrecht

    Marketing and Communications Specialist, Continuing Studies
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4214

    Graphic Design

    John Wecels

    Senior Graphic Design
    Office: Centre For Learning 501D
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4467

    Lenard Nickel

    Graphic Design
    Office: Centre For Learning 501C
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4668

    Web Development and Content

    Kim Fukushima

    Web Developer and Content Manager
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-317-9725
    Public Affairs - Kim Fukushima

    Alumni Association

    Kate Deglow

    Alumni Relations Coordinator
    Office: Centre For Learning 501
    Campus: Kelowna
    Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4771
    Public Affairs - Kate Deglow