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A female student wearing a chef's coat stands behind a plate of macarons.

Program Highlights

Rise up the ranks of the pastry industry with proven training from leading instructors. A certificate in pastry provides students the training to prepare doughs, batters and other ingredients and then produce items such as bread, buns, cakes, pies, cookies and other baked goods.

Tuition and Fees

2021-22: $6,876.01

In addition to the amount above, please budget for a mandatory weekly $20 lab fee as well as tools, books and uniform costs of approximately $1,000.

  • Fees include all mandatory fees: Activity fee, Health & Dental, Student Association fee, Education Technology fee, Development fee.
  • Plus mandatory co-op fees.
  • All amounts are approximate and are subject to change.
  • International students will pay International tuition fees

Program Details

This 50-week (1,600 hour) certificate program includes all the craft skills needed to work as a professional Baker/Patissier, as outlined in the National Occupation Analysis for Baker Level 1. The program also includes a Co-op, providing an opportunity to experience and learn in a dynamic industry based environment.

The initial term focuses on workplace safety and organization, ingredient and finished product knowledge. This is followed by the making of breads, cakes and pastries in all their various forms from cookies to wedding cakes, pies to artisan sourdough bread, and chocolate souffle to pieces montees.

This program focuses on the wealth of farm-to-table opportunities afforded by the Okanagan region, emphasising the use of local products including premium wines, beers and spirits, both as ingredients and as beverages paired with the finished dessert or baked good. Locally-grown herbs, fruits and vegetables are featured, organically-grown grains and in-house milling are also regional features of the program.

Successful graduates will be ready for employment in any of the various settings where baked goods are required, from care homes and camps, to specialty bakeries, fine dining restaurants, hotels, resorts and cruise ships. Self-employment is also a popular option.

  • Professional Baking: $129.79
  • SG Professional Baking: $43.99
  • The Pastry Chef’s Companion: $22.29
  • Foodsafe level 1 Participant Guide (if haven't completed Foodsafe): $17.29

Note: 5% GST is not included in the price, and prices are subject to change. Textbooks are available at the OC Bookstore by calling 250-762-5445, ext. 4586, or ordering online

  • pants (elastic or zipper)
  • white chef’s jacket
  • white apron
  • white pillbox hat
  • black non-slip shoes (mandatory for safety reasons, not steel-toed)
Tools and equipment:
  • 10” chef’s knife
  • 8” chef’s knife
  • 12” serrated knife
  • 3” paring knife
  • 4” serrated paring knife
  • set of edge guards
  • polycarbonate piping tip set
  • 4” offset spatula
  • 8” offset spatula
  • 12” offset spatula
  • nylon round cutter set
  • nylon square cutter set
  • 2 plating spoons
  • plating tweezers
  • 1” pastry brush
  • 2” pastry brush
  • measuring spoon set
  • bench scraper
  • microplane
  • peeler
  • digital timer
  • digital instant read thermometer
  • digital scale
  • digital micro scale

Personal knives and cutlery kits can be brought for the above items or purchased through Chef’s Edge. A regular 15% trade discount may apply at Chef’s Edge; bring a copy of your Okanagan College Student Schedule and/or official receipt to obtain discount. Chef’s Edge is located at 2445 Highway 97N; contact them at 250-868-2425 or

  • basic math calculator
  • master combination lock for locker
  • small personal notebook
  • pen
  • government-issued picture ID is required to write the provincial and national exams (driver’s licence, photo ID or valid passport) - student card is not acceptable
Optional supplies available at the OC Bookstore:
  • uniform checkered pants (choice of elastic or zipper): $35
  • jacket – unisex: $40 (for sizes 2XL and up, add $5-10)
  • jacket – women’s: $50 (for sizes 2XL and up, add $5-10)
  • Culinary bundle (includes 5 towels, 1 black pillbox hat, 2 striped bib aprons, 2 white bib aprons): $97.99

Applicants who have not satisfied the Math admission requirement within the last seven years, and/or do not meet the English admission requirement, must write the TEA Math and/or English test. Both of the assessments are online, multiple-choice and timed. Students are allotted 1 hour to complete each section (2 hours for both). A practice assessment and study resources are offered to all students who register to write the TEA.  Calculators are not allowed while completing the Math section; students who are observed to use a calculator of any sort, will receive a grade of zero.  Students who do not achieve the minimum passing requirement on their initial attempt, are offered a second attempt, at no additional cost, after a two-week study period. 

Please ensure you write the assessment, and any required re-writes, prior to the deadline for admissions requirements, provided by the Registrar’s office. For more information or to register for the Trades Entrance Assessment, click here. Further questions can be directed to the Trades and Apprenticeship office at

Please note: Students who successfully completed the ABLE test at Okanagan College, within the two years prior to application for admission shall have their results accepted as equivalent to the Trades Entrance Assessment. 



Admission Requirements

  • B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for a minimum of one year as of the first day of class.
  • English 10 with minimum 50% or alternatives.

  • Math requirement:Students graduating from secondary school in or prior to 2012: Mathematics 10 or an equivalent Intermediate Level Adult Basic Education Mathematics course, or an Trades Entrance Assessment (TEA) mathematics score of at least 50%. Students entering Grade 10 in or after 2010 and/or completing the new mathematics curriculum: One of: Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10, Workplace Mathematics 10, Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10, or an equivalent Intermediate Level Adult Basic Education Mathematics course, or an TEA mathematics score of at least 50%.


Program Outline

Term One
BAKP 101 Occupational Skills
BAKP 103 Quick Breads
BAKP 104 Pastries 1
BAKP 105 Creams
BAKP 106 Cakes
BAKP 107 Yeast Goods
BAKP 109 Buffet Design
BAKP 110 Practical Exam 1
BAKP 111 Theoretical Exam 1
BAKP 112 Savory Baking and Skills
BAKP 113 Frozen Desserts
BAKP 114 Plated Desserts 1
BAKP 118 Beverage Pairing
Co-op term
BAKP 150 Pastry Arts Co-op
Term Three
BAKP 115 Pastries 2
BAKP 116 Cakes and Tortes
BAKP 117 Viennoiserie
BAKP 119 Plated Desserts 2
BAKP 120 Friandise
BAKP 121 Celebration Cakes
BAKP 122 Center Pieces
BAKP 123 Artisan Breads
BAKP 124 Buffet Design 2
BAKP 125 Practical Exam 2
BAKP 126 Theoretical Exam 2

Completion of all the courses in the program with a minimum grade of 70% in each.



Additional Information

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