Interlibrary Loan Policy

Date: Aug. 31, 2011

Purpose: To allow access to other collections with the primary purpose of promoting student success and supporting instruction, research, and professional development. This policy outlines the parameters of OC Library interlibrary loan services.

Applicable to: OC Library users, borrowing and lending libraries

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Canadian Copyright Act
Access Copyright
BCELN resource sharing

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Public Services: Borrowing

Policy statements

Subsidized Interlibrary loan services are available to all OC students, faculty and staff members who do not have any outstanding Library fees or fines. Interlibrary loan services are not available to community members.

Eligible OC Library users can make an interlibrary loan request for materials not available at OC Library.
OC Library will request, on behalf of an eligible Library user, returnable material and/or copies of material from another library.

OC Library retains the right to not make a request on behalf of a user.

The lending library retains the right to refuse requests from OC Library.
The lending library determines what items are available for interlibrary loan.
The lending library sets the loan period of material. 
The lending library determines if renewals are available.
The lending library retains the right to recall borrowed material.
The lending library retains the right to charge any fees for loss or damage of borrowed materials.

OC Library will notify users when interlibrary loan items are available for pickup, when they are due, and when they are overdue.

OC Library users are expected to pick up requested interlibrary loan items after receiving notification of their arrival.

OC Library users are responsible for the care of the borrowed material and return of the borrowed material to OC Library according to the due date.

OC Library users will be charged fines for overdue items, and their accounts subject to flags and blocks, according to the OC Library’s Borrowing Policy and Procedure.

OC Library will lend available materials and/or provide copies of available materials from its collection to other libraries according to the Canadian Copyright Act, Access Copyright agreement, licensing agreements, and interlibrary loan agreements.

OC Library retains the right to refuse a lending request.

OC Library determines the loan period of lent materials. Loan periods are reflected in the OC Library Loans, Fines & Fees schedule.

OC Library will consider renewals requests.

OC Library retains the right to charge borrowing libraries not covered by an interlibrary loan agreement a fee for interlibrary loan services.

OC Library retains the right to recall lent material.

OC Library retains the right to charge borrowing libraries fees for loss or damage of lent materials, according to the OC Library Borrowing Policy and Procedure.

Development responsibility: OC Public Service Librarians
Approval responsibility: Library Management Committee
Version history: Draft Aug. 26, 2011; LMC approval Aug. 31, 2011