Guest Use of Library Computers Policy

Date: June 24, 2015

Purpose: To provide guidelines surrounding the use of Okanagan College's Information Commons and Library computers by guest/public users. This policy states that members of the public who require use of a Library computer may request temporary access from any Library Circulation Desk, provided the below provisions are met.

Applicable to: community members

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Okanagan College E.5.1 Use of Information Technology Resources

Policy statement

Computers in the Library Information Commons are primarily intended to provide Okanagan College students with access to the Library and other information resources, and to provide access to productivity software and other programs that help students meet the objectives of their studies. Priority use of all Library computers is reserved for Okanagan College students and employees.

For Library users who are not Okanagan College students or employees, the Library may provide guest access to computers, provided that access does not interfere with students’ ability to use the computers. Library staff may assist guest users with computer use as time and resources permit. Library staff may ask guest users to limit their time on Library computers and/or to return at a less busy time.  

In their use of Library computers, guest users are bound by the College’s Use of Technology Resources Policy, the Library Conduct Policy and other relevant College and Library policies.

Okanagan College requires all users of its computers and networks to be authenticated (i.e. “logged in”). All library staff have the discretion to determine whether to grant guest use of Library computers. 

Development responsibility: Circulation Working Group (CWG)
Approval responsibility: Library Management Committee
Version history: LMC approval April 3, 2013; updated September 23, 2015