Conduct Policy

Date: December 4, 2015

Purpose: To support an environment that is respectful of all OC Library users and staff members, the Library collection, and Library space. This policy outlines the expected and appropriate conduct of OC Library users.

Applicable to: OC Library users, OC Library employees

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Policy statement

OC Library users are expected to comply with all appropriate OC policies.

OC Library users are expected to comply with all appropriate legislation and licensing agreements
Appropriate and expected behaviour of OC Library users includes:

  • respecting and using the Library's physical and electronic collections responsibly
  • respecting and using the Library's physical space, equipment, and furniture responsibly
  • respecting and showing consideration to other OC Library users and OC Library employees
  • using only authorized areas of the Library according to the rules and procedures established by OC Library not leaving personal belongings unattended
  • not leaving logged-in workstations unattended
  • recognizing that OC Library is not responsible for the security or care of Library users’ personal belongings

OC Library users who do not comply with this policy or others may be asked to leave the Library and/or may face action, fees, fines, or other disciplinary action as laid out by legislation or any OC Library or Okanagan College policy.

Development responsibility: Public Services Librarians
Approval responsibility: Library Management Committee
Version history: Draft Aug. 27, 2014, LMC approval Aug. 27, 2014