Borrowing Policy

Date: November 30, 2016

Purpose: To allow access to the Okanagan College (OC) Library collection. This policy states the borrowing expectations of both the Library and users (students, faculty and staff, and community members) to ensure this collection access.

Applicable to: students, faculty and staff, and community members.

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Policy statement

OC Library borrowing privileges are available to all current Okanagan College students, faculty/staff, as well as community members. Borrower type definitions are available under 'Borrowing --> Borrower Types' on the 'Use the Library' web page.

Borrowing privileges and loan periods vary according to the type of borrower. Loan periods are available under 'Borrowing --> Loan Periods & Fines' on the 'Use the Library' web page.

Under special circumstances the Director of Library Services may grant borrowing privileges and Library membership to individuals and/or groups who do not otherwise meet the criteria for Library service.

Borrowers agree to familiarize themselves with and abide by these rules.

Borrowers are responsible for the care of borrowed material and return of the borrowed material to OC Library according to the due date.

  • OC Library retains the right to recall borrowed material.
  • OC Library retains the right to apply rental fees for specified material types.
  • OC Library retains the right to charge any fees for loss or damage of borrowed materials.
  • OC Library retains the right to deny borrowing privileges for outstanding fines or fees or failure to comply with either OC policies or the law.  
  • OC Library retains the right to forward delinquent accounts to a collections agency through the Financial Services Department. 

Borrowers will be charged fines for overdue items, according to the Okanagan College Library’s Loan Periods, Fines & Fees

Borrowers have the right to appeal OC Library decisions.


Development responsibility: Public Services librarians
Approval responsibility: Library Management Committee
LMC approval November 30, 2016