PACE (Preparing for Access to Careers and Education)

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This certificate program supports students to achieve their own educational, vocational, and personal development goals. The educational focus is on developing student success skills and, if appropriate, choosing a modified and supported specialty within the SAME Program (Supported Access to Modified Education). The vocational focus is on career awareness and the development of appropriate workplace attitudes, values, and behaviours. All students benefit in a personal development sense through participation in course work which develops communication, assertiveness, stress management, and conflict resolution skills. Students will also participate in career exploration and work experience in the community. The program is offered in one or two years.

Successful completion of this program will prepare students for:

  • The SAME program, and inclusive, modified form of a regular Okanagan College program, or
  • Competitive entry-level employment, or
  • Supported employment

This program has not been scheduled. Contact for more information.

Program outline

Term 1

LSPM 001 - Strategies for Success A
LSPM 005 - Career Exploration

Term 2

LSPM 003 - Workplace Interpersonal Skills A
LSPM 007 - Working World A

Term 3

LSPM 004 - Workplace Interpersonal Skills B
LSPM 008 - Working World B

Term 4

LSPM 006 - Job Search Skills
LSPM 002 - Strategies for Success B
  • Participation Standard - overall average of 50%.
  • Minimum 50% per course with an overall average of a minimum of 70%.
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