Kinesiology Diploma Pathway to the BBA

Campus Vernon (Jan, Sep), Penticton (Jan, Sep), Salmon Arm (Jan, Sep), Kelowna (Jan, May, Jul, Sep)
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Program Highlights

Tuition and Fees

2020-21: $5,614.88

  • Fees listed are for ten courses (30 credits). Depending on the campus of study and the courses selected fees may vary. 
  • Fees include all mandatory fees: Activity fee, Health & Dental, Student Association fee, Education Technology fee, Development fee.
  • All amounts are approximate and are subject to change.
  • International students will pay International tuition fees

Program Details


Admission Requirements

A minimum graduating grade average of 67% in the Human Kinetics Diploma program or equivalent.


Program Outline

Required Courses (19 courses, 57 credits)
BUAD 111 Financial Accounting I
BUAD 116 Marketing
BUAD 123 Management Principles
BUAD 128 Computer Applications I
BUAD 195 Financial Management
BUAD 209 Business Law
BUAD 262 Organizational Behaviour
BUAD 264 Management Accounting
BUAD 269 Human Resources Management
BUAD 315 Management Science
BUAD 425 Business and Canadian Government Policy
BUAD 340 Strategic Management I
CMNS 112 Professional Writing I
ECON 115 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 125 Principles of Macroeconomics
MATH 114 Business Mathematics
PHIL 350 Business Ethics
And one of:
STAT 121 Elementary Statistics
STAT 124 Business Statistics
And one of:
BUAD 272 Business Simulation
BUAD 293 Entrepreneurship
Elective Courses (7 courses, 21 credits)
21 credits of Business electives numbered 300 or higher.
BUAD 308 Multicultural Management
BUAD 334 Events Planning
BUAD 341 Introduction to Non-Profit Management
BUAD 370 Leadership
Total Courses: 26 courses, 78 credits


  1. Students may apply up to 18 credits from the list of required courses towards elective requirements for the Kinesiology Diploma. Students who have taken more than 18 credits from the list of required courses must substitute BUAD electives numbered 300 or higher to reach a total of 120 credits completed for the BBA degree.
  2. Students who have completed six credits ENGL as part of their Kinesiology Diploma may apply for the CMNS 112 requirement to be waived.
  3. Students who have completed three credits of MATH (excluding MATH 111, MATH 120 and MATH 160), as part of their Kinesiology diploma may apply for the MATH 114 requirement to be waived.
  4. Students who have completed three credits COSC (excluding COSC 122) as part of their Kinesiology diploma may apply for the BUAD 128 requirement to be waived.

Graduation from the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree via the Kinesiology Diploma Pathway Program requires successful completion of the prescribed and elective courses in the program outline with a minimum graduating grade average of 60%.



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