Health and Safety

Outdoor courtyard with picnic bench on the Penticton campus

Health and Safety Committees

Okanagan College has four Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) Committees based out of Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, and Vernon.  The Committees are composed of representatives from all employee groups at Okanagan College including BCGEU Vocational and Support Staff, OC Faculty Association, Administration, and Management.  The Committees meet monthly and work collaboratively to enhance and promote health and safety in the workplace. 

Campus committees

Kelowna campus

Name Location Role Representation
Phil Ashman P111C Employer Co-Chair Ancillary & Business Services
Nancy Darling T115C Employer Rep Trades
Jordan Perrey  L104A Employer Rep IT Services
Steve Robinson P111 Employer Rep Campus Planning & Facilities Management
Heather Carson S108 Worker Co-Chair Student Services (BCGEU-SS)
Sharon Mansiere  Penticton Worker Rep Science & Technology (OCFA)
Marcel Beerkens L104G Worker Rep IT Services (BCGEU-SS)
Cascade Christensen C288A Worker Rep Science & Technology (BCGEU-SS)
Nicole Davis E412 Worker Rep Office Administration (BCGEU-VI)
Antonio Henriques T203 Worker Rep Trades (BCGEU-VI)
Roy Lechner C234A Worker Rep Adult Academic Career Prep (BCGEU-VI)
Kevin McKenzie P105 Worker Rep Facilities Management (BCGEU-SS)
Doug Mehus L101 Worker Rep Library Services (BCGEU-SS)

Penticton campus

 Name Location    Role Representation
Juliana Buitenhuis PL139  Employer Co-Chair Regional Dean's Office - South
Kristine Larson PC217 Employer Rep Continuing Studies
John Mott PL142A Worker Co-Chair Educational Advising (OCFA)
Kristi Bauman PL140 Worker Rep Regional Dean's Office - South (BCGEU-SS)
Catherine Kubis PC255 Worker Rep BCBTAC (BCGEU-SS)
Sharon Mansiere PL106 Worker Rep Science & Technology (OCFA)
Gitan Rakhra PL105 Worker Rep Regional Dean's Office - South (BCGEU-SS)
Brittany Rust PE C13 Worker Rep Learning Centre (BCGEU-SS)
Jo Ann Parliament PC146 Worker Rep Fitness Centre (BCGEU-SS)
Kevin Watters PC 217 Worker Rep Facilities Management (BCGEU-SS)

Salmon Arm campus

 Name Location   Role Representation
 Margaret Scharf SA105 Employer Co-Chair Regional Dean's Office - Shuswap
Brent Moffat Trades - ST01 Employer Rep Trades
 Shannon Kiehlbauch SA119 Worker Co-Chair Student Services (BCGEU-SS)
Dion Boisvenue SA142U Worker Rep Facilities Management (BCGEU-SS)
Diyame Derrick Carter SA184A Worker Rep Student Services (BCGEU-SS)
Shayla Diekert SA132 Worker Rep Library Services (BCGEU-SS)
Amanda Krebs SA146 Worker Rep AACP (BCGEU-VI)
Joanne Stacey SA103 Worker Rep Regional Dean's Office - Shuswap (BCGEU-SS)
Bryan White SA117 Worker Rep Science & Technology (OCFA)

Vernon campus

Name Location Role Representation
Angie Lof VA312 Employer Co-Chair Regional Dean's Office North
Christy Gelz VE111 Employer Rep Continuing Studies
Cynthia Jarvis VT104 Employer Rep Trades
Wendy Ellis VA300 Worker Co-Chair Regional Dean's Office (BCGEU-SS)
Michael Chiasson VB102 Worker Rep Facilities Management (BCGEU-SS)
Andrew Duffy VD229A Worker Rep IT Services (BCGEU-SS)
Tanya Golanowski VA306 Worker Rep Regional Dean's Office (BCGEU-SS)
Eric Reist VC312A/B Worker Rep Student Association
Cindy Rhyason VC215 Worker Rep Library Services (BCGEU-SS)
Philip Schellenberg VD364 Worker Rep Learning Centre (BCGEU)
Leonard Youden VC328 Worker Rep Business (OCFA)

Committee minutes

View Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, or Vernon committee minutes