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4’6” (140cm) - 4’8” (146cm) over 140 lbs
5’ (152cm) - 5’2” (158cm) over 165 lbs
5’3” (161cm) – 5’5” (167cm) over 195lbs
5’6” (170cm) – 5’8” (176cm) over 225lbs
5’9” (179cm) – 5’11” (155cm) over 255lbs
6’ (182cm) – 6’2” (188cm) over 275lbs
6’3” (192cm) – 6’5” (198cm) over 300lbs
6’6” (201cm) – 6’8” (207 cm) over 350lb
Please note, due to current COVID restrictions related to group events, it is currently uncertain if Okanagan College Winter 2022 Convocation Ceremony will be hosted as an in-person or a virtual event. At this time, we ask that graduates hold off making their payments until this decision is finalized. You will be contacted via email if the Winter 2022 Convocation is to be hosted as an in-person event and a payment is required. For further questions and information tied to this please contact Michelle Lowry with Public Affairs at:


If you do not wish to have your name published in the convocation program or have your photos published on the College website, please notify Michelle Lowry with Public Affairs via email including your student ID number immediately upon making this web form submission.