LAR: Embedded quiz questions


Embedded quiz questions – how to make instructional videos more engaging

Many instructors are using instructional videos to support student learning of content material. As a follow-up, instructors may require students to write a reflection or answer questions in a post-video quiz. Research suggests, however, that retention may be improved if students are prompted to engage with content at the time they encounter it. Why not, therefore, include question prompts at strategic points within the video?
In this workshop, we will demonstrate, contrast, and compare two approaches (H5P and Kaltura) to embedding quiz questions in videos. As this workshop is intended to be hands on, participants are encouraged to come prepared to work on a video of their choosing!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Select the appropriate approach (H5P or Kaltura) for embedding questions in your content videos.
  • Follow a prescribed set of steps to successfully embed a variety of quiz question types into your content videos.
  • Identify key content videos that would be suitable for applying embedded quiz questions.


  • Theoretical basis for formative assessment.
  • Effective questions and quiz design.
  • Logistic considerations for using H5P and Kaltura.

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