LAR: H5P – An Engagement Boost Inside and Outside of the Classroom


H5P, HTML5 Package, allows instructors with little or no programming knowledge to create interactive and engaging content for their students. While the H5P platform can be effectively used to enhance the look of one’s Moodle site or to easily create quiz questions to be used by students outside of class, the focus of this workshop will be on how H5P interactions can used to promote enhanced engagement during both online and face-to-face synchronous class experiences.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify key time points in a lesson plan where student interaction is best suited
  • Select the appropriate H5P question-types that are best aligned with content area, learner outcomes and strategic points in a class experience


  • Theoretical basis for student-centered engagement.
  • Effective questions and quiz design.
  • Logistic considerations for creating and delivering H5P interactions.

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