International Education Week

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    International Education Week poster featuring lots flags from countries all over the world. The online virtual event takes place Nov. 16-20 and will celebrate cultural diversity.

    What is International Education Week?

    International Education Week (Nov. 16-20) is an annual celebration of the importance of international education and exchange programs. This week is celebrated worldwide by over 100 countries to strengthen the understanding of international education and its importance. The international education and exchange program offers a great opportunity for people to study in a global setting and embrace international and intercultural learning experience. Through this event, OC community and students share intercultural experiences and the positive impacts of diversity and International Education.

      Virtual World Scavenger Hunt

      Travel the world with us from the comfort of home to answer questions and clues in our Virtual World Scavenger Hunt. Submit answers to cyoung@okanagan.bc.ca by 4 p.m. on Nov. 20 to be entered in a draw to win a prize.

      Let’s go on a safari in South Africa!


      1. Which animal appears on the wall at the entrance to the park?
      2. Name the tallest animal that appears in this video.
      3. How many antelope cross the road?
      4. Which reptile smiles at the camera?

      Virtually hike to the top of Machu Picchu, the ancient city of the Inca Empire


      1. Hike up to the top of Huyana Picchu mount and look across to find the height of Machu Picchu mount. How high is it?
      2. What does Intihuatana mean? Hint: you need to visit the Royal Palace.
      3. True or false: there is a hotel at Machu Picchu.



      Courtesy of www.AirPano.com


      Tour Mexico City from above in a helicopter


      1. Head up to the sky. What is the name of the extinct volcano?
      2. Find an angel. What is her name?
      3. There is a building shaped like an arch. What is its name?
      Courtesy of www.AirPano.com


      Take a trip to the desert and the city of Abu Dhabi


      1. What colour is the ferarri featured at Ferrari World?
      2. Name the third animal shown at the zoo.
      3. How high up is the observation deck featured in the video? 
      4. What is the name of the surfable sheet wave?
      5. Name three activities you can do in the desert.

      Take a tour through the rice paddies and mountains of Ninh Binh in Vietnam

      Watch the 360-degree tour


      1. Use your computer mouse to move and have a look around. What do the boatmen and women in Tam Coc row with? Hint! You’ll have to click on an information button to find out.
      2. Find the laughing Buddha. In which section of the tour will you find it?
      3. These birds stand tall on the backs of turtles in front of a temple. What are they?
      4. Climb the stone steps up to the top of Bai Dinh Pagoda. How many steps are there?

      Get some fresh air on a hike through Yosemite National Park

      Check out the virtual tour


      1. You won’t find a pool here, but this board is one that would be challenging to get to! Hike up to find one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Yosemite. What is the name of it?
      2. Find a beautiful sandy beach on the edge of a lake. What is the name of this lake?

      These aren't part of the scavenger hunt, but you might want to explore these places virtually in your spare time!


      My sentimental item

      We asked students what item they brought from home that carries meaning for them. Here's what they shared.

      IEW My Sentimental Items

      My View, My World photo contest

      Share a piece of you and your world. Send us a photo of you and your window view, backyard or your favourite spot for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Submissions must include your name, country and a brief description of your 2020 experiences to kelownarec@okanagan.bc.ca. Deadline to submit is Nov. 16. Share on social media and tag #ociew2020 for extra draw entries!

      Philosopher's Way winter walk in Heidelberg, Germany








      2019 winner - Jenny Landis

      Jenny shared the photo above last year: The Philosophers Way winter walks along the water, when you are aware it will be hard to not see (Heidelberg, Germany).

      My View My World photo contest

      Cooking demonstrations

      OC Culinary Arts students present recipes from around the world.

      Cauliflower pakora

      Chicken satay

      Goat cheese hummus

      Folk art colouring

      Take a study break and spend a moment colouring this traditional Hungarian folk art design. This design is most often used in embroidery.

      Mini-language lessons

      Mexican folk dance

      International student experiences

      OC international students share their experiences about living and learning in the Okanagan.

      Additional cultural events

      Louis Riel Day celebration

      Louis Riel Day Celebration image


      Virtual Diwali - Festival of Lights student event