Beyond the Four Walls: Taking Teaching and Learning Outdoors


Beyond the Four Walls – Taking Teaching and Learning Outdoors.

Face to face workshop

Have you ever thought about taking your students outdoors? In this action-oriented workshop, ideas will be shared and explored in a ‘walking workshop’. Participants will explore different aspects of how nature and the outdoors inform learning from an embodied perspective.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will –

a. articulate different strategies for teaching and learning outdoors.

b. discuss ideas for outdoor teaching and learning in their discipline.

c. discuss how nature and the outdoors allow for an embodied experience.

OFFERING: Wednesday, December 13, 2023 meet at the Learning and Applied Research Office


This workshop can also be offered at any of the campuses who are interested. Interested instructors and faculty can contact the LAR office or the Teaching and Learning advisor conducting this workshop - Linda O'Donoghue, to book a session