English Language Certificate

Campus Kelowna (Jan, May, Jul, Sep)
Delivery Part-Time, Full-Time
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English Language instructors work closely with students in the class to develop skills

Program Highlights

Develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing to Canadian Language Benchmarks Levels 8 and 9 and prepare to enter the English for Academic Purposes Certificate.

Tuition and Fees

International Students, please see International Student Fees.

Program Details

Okanagan College offers English language students an opportunity to improve their general English skills. The English Language Certificate (ELC) is a three level program. The goal of this program is to develop general language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Students can take 20 hours of classes per week. There are classes for listening and speaking which are 10 hours per week (ELLS), and reading and writing for 10 hours per week (ELRW).


Admission Requirements

The department will place students depending on their OCELA score. Students who score lower than OCELA Level 1 will begin the English Language Certificate at Semester One.


Program Outline

Semester 1
ELLS 010 English Language Listening and Speaking Level 1
ELRW 010 English Language Reading and Writing Level 1
Semester 2
ELLS 020 English Language Listening and Speaking Level 2
ELRW 020 English Language Reading and Writing 2
Semester 3
ELLS 030 English Language Listening and Speaking Level 3
ELRW 030 English language Reading and Writing 3

Minimum grade of 65% in each of ELLS 030, and ELRW 030.

This level of achievement is necessary for entrance into the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Certificate program.



Additional Information

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