Distance Education


General Interest Courses

Applying Lean Sigma Practices to HR Functions

Develop the mindset of Lean Operational Excellence, an advanced problem solving approach that facilitates continuous improvement within the organization through the identification and elimination of waste. Lean principles can also be used to streamline processes in the human resource functions such as recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and managing performance.

Active Investing & Trading for Beginners

Learn a strong market structure foundation and core strategy to actively invest and trade stocks, ETF’s, Forex and commodities. What are cryptocurrencies and cannabis stocks? How can you invest in them? Did you know you can make money when the market drops? Are you interested in learning a professional strategy to actively invest or trade in any market, up, down or sideways?

Cyber Security for Managers

Cyber security issues are all around us and reach nearly every part of our business and work, from online banking and education to Facebook and Wi-Fi. Finally, you can get up to date on Cyber Security basics and fundamentals.

Key Essentials for Conducting Workplace Investigations

This course covers key elements for effectively conducting a workplace investigations related to harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, employee retaliation & management misconduct.

Legal Office Administration

This course seeks to enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed toward the goal of becoming an exceptional legal practitioner in an administrative capacity. It is a bridge course designed to provide students with the tools to develop a thorough understanding of legal office procedures including database management, the preparation of legal documentation including research, legal accounting methods, legal analysis, communications and ethics.

Management Series

This series of online workshops is designed to provide supervisors and managers with critical productivity tools and strategies they can implement to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workplaces. Students who complete all modules with a minimum grade of 70 per cent will receive transfer credit for BUAD 116 and BUAD 123.

Strategic Project Management Skills for Human Resource Professionals

Project management skills and processes are critical tools in meeting the organization's strategic talent and management objectives. Successful human resource professionals need to develop and demonstrate skills in leadership, organization, planning, and understanding of the essential aspects of project management.

Stress Management in the Workplace

Stress isn’t the enemy. It is our perceptions of stress that amp our anxiety and use up all our steam. Events happen every day. How we interpret those events can set the stage for how we feel and how we react to others. 


Your Workplace, Your Employees and the Law

Designed for non-lawyers, this course will provide business owners, managers, supervisors, and HR professionals with a roadmap for effectively handling complicated employee-related issues that affect today’s legal-prone work environment.

Computer Fundamentals

This course has changed format. It is now being offered to everyone as a self-guided online course where you will learn the basics of the Windows 10 operating environment. It will cover basic terminology, the desktop, icons and shortcuts, the taskbar, launching and closing applications, working with files and folders, and internet basics.

Dental Assisting (intro)

Designed for individuals not currently employed in the dental field who are considering a career as a Dental Assistant.  Provides information and activities to introduce students to the dental profession and to enable individuals to make an informed choice with respect to a dental assisting career.  This is a non-academic course.  Point Value: 1; used for Selection Criteria for the Certified Dental Assistant program at Okanagan College. 

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology is a fascinating, ever growing language used throughout the medical community. Knowledge of medical terminology equips a student for many medically related fields such as pharmacology, the medical office and numerous hospital and health community positions. The Systems Approach outline used in this distance education course will introduce students to the concept of building language using root words, prefixes and suffixes.

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Are you frustrated by the communication gap that can occur between you and your Spanish-speaking patients? If you answered yes, this Spanish class - designed specifically for healthcare professionals - will help you bridge that gap. You will practice the basic, practical language skills needed to effectively communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients and their families

Practical Gardener

This course provides a basic understanding of cultural techniques that will enhance plant establishment, survival and health. It emphasizes practical approaches and solutions to gardening situations and problems encountered by both the novice gardener and grounds maintenance personnel.

Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction Manuscript Mentoring: Part I

This online course offers students the opportunity to complete half of a book-length manuscript in fiction (novel or short-story collection) or creative non-fiction (memoir, personal essays, or literary journalism). They will receive individual guidance from an acclaimed professional author, Melanie Murray, including extensive feedback customized to their work’s specific needs. Students will make regular submissions over a 13-week period (to a maximum of 40,000 words). 

Students will receive a welcome email within 3 business days of registration with information on how to start the course. Students will then have 13 weeks from the date of the welcome email to complete the course. Register any time!

Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction Manuscript Mentoring: Part II

This online course offers students the opportunity to complete the second half of a book-length manuscript in fiction (novel or short-story collection) or creative non-fiction (memoir, personal essays, or literary journalism). They will receive individual guidance from an acclaimed professional author, Melanie Murray, including extensive feedback customized to their work’s specific needs.

Writing a Memoir: Step by Step

Is writing a memoir on your bucket list? The time to start is now. Capturing your life experiences on paper is a worthwhile mission that will benefit you and countless others. The goal of this online course is to set you up for memoir success, by walking you through the process step by step. The course contains 10 lessons that will prepare your mind, help you to organize your thoughts, and motivate you to start writing.

Interior Decorating

This exciting course will cover topics from the first rough floor plan to the final accessory. This course will appeal to anyone interested in decorating their own homes with confidence, those working in the retail decor industry, or anyone considering the first step toward an interior decorating career. 

Make Change Happen (FutureLearn)

Understand how power dynamics, collaboration and action can tackle injustice and bring positive change through social activism. 

What’s Your Super Power & How Will You Choose to Grow?

The EQ-i 2.0 is a scientifically validated assessment that measures the way we operate in the world. Assessing and evaluating our own emotional intelligence can provide information that will help set targeted development goals. This, in turn, can lead to dramatic increases in performance and interaction with others. 

Google Analytics

If you are not reviewing your website statistics, then you are missing several key opportunities to profit from your website traffic. This course, aimed at non-technical users, will take you through all the key techniques and how to use website analytics using the world-standard Google Analytics, a free online tool. 


Businesses are turning to podcasting to grow their brand and connect with customers. People with a niche hobby are turning podcasts into a business. Podcasting is experiencing a rebirth as mobile devices are everywhere. The intimate nature of the audio medium allows potential clients to get to know who you are and determine if you are the kind of company with which they want to do business. Learn how to take your business or hobby and turn it into a podcast. 

Wine 21- Introduction to Grapes and Wine

This course will introduce the various legal, health, historical, production, viticultural regions and marketing aspects of the wine trade in Canada. An overview of wine styles from around the world; packaging and presentation; cellaring; sensory evaluation; wine and food and wine marketing will be included. Pre-requisite: Must be 19 years of age or older. Internet access is required.