Culinary Management Diploma

Campus Kelowna (Jan, Apr, Sep)
Delivery Full-Time
Credential Diploma

This program is student loan eligible.

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Please note that to complete Professional Cook 2, students require an employer to sponsor them as an apprentice and they will need to complete an additional 760 work based hours.

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A female international student wearing an apron and chef's coat holds a plate of food.

Program Highlights

Blend Culinary Arts studies with the business side of the industry to grow a career in management. The Okanagan has become a beacon for food and drink in British Columbia. The food culture grows exponentially with new restaurants, breweries, wineries and events popping up each and every year. Students learn world-class cooking techniques while embracing regionally-inspired ingredients and a farm-to-table style of cuisine. There has never been a better time to become involved in the food and beverage scene with the support of world-class culinary skills training and business savvy skills taught in the heart of the Okanagan valley.

Tuition and Fees

2022-23: $11,600.09*
*Fees are the total for the two-year program

Breakdown of Culinary portion of the program:
Professional Cook 1 (30 weeks): $4,251.42
Professional Cook Co-op (10 weeks): $420.41 (not included)
Professional Cook 2 (10 weeks): $1,347.61

  • Fees include all mandatory fees: Activity fee, Health & Dental, Student Association fee, Education Technology fee, Development fee, material fee.
  • Plus mandatory co-op fees as listed above.
  • All amounts are approximate and are subject to change.
  • International students will pay International tuition fees

Textbooks and Supplies (i.e. knives, equipment and uniform) for the Culinary portion: Approximately $1,000 total. Students must provide their own leather closed-toed shoes with non-skid soles. Students are required to launder their own uniforms.

Program Details

The Culinary Management Diploma examines the developing Okanagan region trend toward the combination of wineries and restaurants. Unique features of the program include the analysis of food and wine pairing and the combination of food, wine and business training that reflects regional industry training demands.

The total length of the program is two years, beginning with the Culinary Arts program, which includes a ten week co-op, followed by two semesters of Business Administration and Wine courses. Students graduating with this diploma will receive technical training credits towards their cook apprenticeship, hours credited towards their apprenticeship and academic credit for the Business Administration courses completed.

An apprenticeship technical training credit for Professional Cook Level 1 and Level 2 and 600 work-based hours for Level 1 and 240 work-based hours for Level 2 will be granted by the Industry Training Authority (ITA) upon successful completion of this program. Students will also receive credit for WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System). Apprenticeship practical Training credit may also be granted as a result of prior practical experience.

The students must provide proof of completion of an additional 400 work-based hours* and successfully complete all program components prior to advancing to the Level 2 components of the program. The ITA required 400 hours may be obtained with the paid work-based Co-op (week 31 start), depending on the successful completion of the PC1 component. Upon successful completion of the Level 1 and Level 2 requirements students are eligible to challenge the respective Provincial Cook Certificate of Qualification examinations.

Students wishing to pursue the Professional Cook Red Seal endorsement must provide proof of a total of 5,000 work-based hours and complete Level 3 technical training.

*Work-based hours must be under the direct supervision of qualified Tradespersons (Red Seal or equivalent).

Textbooks and Uniforms are available at the OC Campus Store
by contacting 250-762-5445, ext. 4586, or ordering online here
It is recommended you purchase the following items prior to the 1st day of class. 

Professional Cooking 9th Edition – Gisslen, W. $145.49

Checkered Pants – 2 (choice of elastic or zipper) $35.99
Jacket unisex– 2 (for 2XL and up – add $5.00 to $10.00) $40.00
Jacket woman’s cut – 2 (for 2XL and up – add $5.00 to $10.00) $50.00
Culinary Bundle: 5 towels, 1 black pillbox hat, 2 striped bib aprons, 2 white bib aprons $97.99

Note: 5% GST is not included in the price, and prices are subject to change.

  • Basic math calculator
  • Master combination lock for locker
  • Small Personal Notebook
  • Pen
  • Black non-slip shoes (mandatory for safety reasons, no steel-toe required)

Customized Knife Kit (approximately $570)
Available for purchase two weeks before the program start date at Chefs Edge 
2445 Highway 97N, Kelowna, BC V1X 4J2
Phone: 250-868-2425

Important Information
  • Submission of a valid (non-expired) FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate is a prerequisite. The online course can be found at
  • Government issued Picture ID: required to write the Provincial and National Exams (driver’s license, photo ID or valid passport)
  • $40.00 Optional membership fees for the Okanagan Chefs Association (incl. OCA Chef’s jacket)


Admission Requirements

Regular Applicants:

  • B.C. secondary school graduation, or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one year as of the first day of classes.
  • Students graduating from secondary school in or prior to 2012: Principles of Mathematics 11 or equivalent Advanced Level Adult Basic Education mathematics or a minimum of 70% in Introductory Mathematics 11 or a minimum of 60% in Applications of Mathematics 11 or a minimum of 16/25 on the math diagnostic test administered by Okanagan College.
    Students entering Grade 10 in or after 2010 and/or completing the new mathematics curriculum: A minimum of 60% in one of Pre-calculus Grade 11, Foundations of Mathematics Grade 11,  Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics Grade 11, or Workplace Mathematics 11.
  • English 12 with minimum 60% or alternatives.
  • Submission of a valid (non-expired) FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate.

Applicants with a minimum grade of 73% in Accounting 12 may receive credit for BUAD 111 Financial Accounting I.

Mature Students:

Mature applicants are at least 19 years of age and have been out of full-time senior secondary study for at least one year. Senior secondary graduation will be waived for mature applicants. Mature applicants without Mathematics 11 can take the mathematics diagnostic test, administered by Okanagan College. A minimum score of 16/25 is required.

  • Submission of a valid (non-expired) FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate.

Applicants may be exempt from some of the admission requirements, depending on their work experience and educational background.


Program Outline

Year 1
Professional Cook 1 - 30 weeks
CA 101 Lab Kitchen
CA 105 Restaurant
Co-op - 10 weeks
CA 250 Culinary Arts Co-op
Professional Cook 2 - 10 weeks
CA 201 PC2 Lab
Year 2 Academic Courses
Winter Semester
BUAD 111 Financial Accounting I
BUAD 123 Management Principles
And one of the following
TOUR 105 Introduction to Tourism
OR BUAD 115 Introduction to Tourism
And one of the following:
TOUR 230 Wine and Culinary Tourism
OR BUAD 230 Wine and Culinary Tourism
One Business Administration or Tourism Elective
Fall Semester
BUAD 195 Financial Management
BUAD 269 Human Resources Management
TOUR 215 Restaurant Management
OR BUAD 215 Restaurant Management
BUAD 209 Business Law
One Business Administration or Tourism Elective
The two Business Administration or Tourism electives are recommended from the following:
BUAD 116 Marketing
BUAD 176 Professional Sales
BUAD 200 Digital Marketing
BUAD 220 Hotel Management
OR TOUR 220 Hotel Management
TOUR 235 Rural and Agri-Tourism Development
TOUR 240 Service Design for Tourism
BUAD 251 Personal Financial Planning
BUAD 297 Retailing

Overall minimum grade of 70% upon completion of the Culinary Arts Certificate, with a minimum of 60% for each course. Students must provide proof of completion of 400 work-based training hours.

Successful completion of Business Administration courses requires a minimum grade of 50% per course and a minimum average grade of 60%.



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