Culinary Arts launches OC Serves up to help feed students in need

With the support of RBC, the OCSU and Sysco, Okanagan College’s Culinary and Pastry Arts students are launching an innovative new program designed to hone their skills while providing nutritious meals for fellow students who are struggling financially. 

OC Serves Up will launch on July 8, as Culinary and Pastry Arts students step back into the kitchens for physical distanced training. The goal is for students to prepare 50 nutritious meals per day. Meals will be available daily to students in both online and in-person classes, and accessed via a voucher system managed by the OCSU Student Pantry. Any excess meals will be provided to community organizations in need such as homeless shelters and community food programs.

How students sign up/collect their meals:

  • Students can apply to request a meal by emailing:
  • For now students can apply daily, however as/if demand picks up significantly, Culinary Arts may have to limit the number of meals granted in a week per student.
  • OCSU will review and approve the student request, adding their name to the list and responding with an email that they are now eligible to pick up the meal between 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Monday to Friday from the Infusions patio on the Kelowna campus. Note: students will not be required to demonstrate their financial need; the review is to ensure that the program can reach and serve the most students possible.
  • When the student comes to pick up their meal, their name will be checked off the list, at which time they are eligible to apply again for a meal another day.