Continuing Studies

Leadership Training

Whether you are an aspiring, a new or a developing leader, there’s education for all levels at Okanagan College.

Explore essential and advanced leadership training from Okanagan College's Continuing Studies and Corporate Training Department. These 6 hour workshops cover a range of topics that will hone your abilities to be the best leader you can be.

Introduction to Leadership

This 6-hour introductory course will help employees understand what leading others and themselves entails and offers opportunities for them to identify and leverage their strengths. Participants will develop a plan involving their own leadership abilities and goals so they can begin a successful transition into leadership. This course is applicable for a variety of work environments and relevant to those who are in supervisory or management positions. 

Leadership Essentials Series

This series of one-day workshops focuses on specific leadership skills required in today’s workplace (individual workshops below). This series enables you to discover your style of leadership and develop new leadership skills. Whether you are new to leadership or are a seasoned veteran, you will gain valuable personal insights and new strategies to apply immediately in your workplace.

Tuition per course: $149 + materials + GST

Leadership Series - Advanced

Discover advanced tools and techniques to influence, motivate, inspire and lead your team to its full potential. This new series targets the skills that a leader needs to hone in order to shift themselves, their careers and their teams to the next level. From working on yourself by developing your social and emotional intelligence to finding creative ways to tackle complex issues and problems, you will discover what an ethical leader does and what you can do to develop a positive workplace culture. These are the courses you need to be the best leader you can possibly be.

Tuition per course: $149 + materials + GST


Other Leadership Courses

Women in Leadership

 Discover what makes women well positioned to lead in today’s rapidly changing work environments. Explore ways you can influence and lead an inclusive workplace culture.

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Transitioning to Management Part One

This course identifies the skills and characteristics that anyone in a position of influence or leadership find to be helpful and effective. No matter whether you lead a team of 20 or yourself, the transition to being more effective and impactful will require a blend of leadership and management skills.

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Leadership in Trades and Industry

Becoming a leader in the construction and manufacturing trades takes more than experience. Whether you are new to your role or a seasoned leader, this course is designed to propel you to new heights in leadership performance.

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Transitioning to Management Part Two

This course allows the learner to identify the areas of personal impact as well as the impact on others from both the intellectual and emotional perspectives in both leadership and management of groups and themselves.

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