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Cannabis Training

Okanagan College is now offering cannabis training courses that provide unique insights into the emerging industry of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Learn about the regulatory policies and business opportunities in this unfolding market, investment strategies for individual investors and best practices in pest management for cannabis production. 

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Upcoming New Courses

Marketing Cannabis in Canada

For many Cannabis Professionals today, promoting their products and entrenching their brands in the Canadian Cannabis marketing sphere can be an uphill battle. This course takes aim at the barriers to marketing cannabis products & services.

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Current Course Listing

Seed to Harvest - Cannabis Botany and Plant Science

Learn about introductory cannabis botany and plant science, and how it applies to entry-level positions in the cannabis industry. Explore different varieties of cannabis and their unique characteristics, and learn about growth mediums as well as the stages of cannabis plant lifecycles from seed to harvest. 

Cannabis Business Fundamentals

This introductory course is designed for those who are interested in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. This course will explore policy choices and the unfolding business opportunities within the cannabis space. 

Cannabis Legislation and Quality Assurance

Learn about the current state of cannabis legislation, the Cannabis Act and the basics for ensuring government compliance around the production of cannabis. Explore how quality assurance and quality control are effectively used throughout the growth of cannabis, and the importance of standard operating procedures and the role they play in cannabis production.

Pest Management for Cannabis Production

This workshop is for persons growing cannabis plants indoors or outdoors and is designed for commercial growers of medicinal cannabis, persons growing cannabis for personal use or persons interested in working in this industry. The content will also be of interest to those working in greenhouse production of flowers and vegetables.

Growing Your Own Cannabis

Are you interested in growing your own cannabis plants? Growing your own cannabis and being self-sufficient is possible. You will no longer be dependent on others, you can control the quality of the cannabis and you’ll also have a new and fun hobby.

Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Health Professionals

This introductory-level course examines the rapidly evolving aspects of medical cannabis use in Canada, and the vital need for healthcare providers to expand their involvement in medical cannabis education for client care. 

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Recreational Cannabis Retail Sales

Are you seeking the title of Budtender, Cannabis Consultant or Connoisseur? Are you interested in being a pioneer on the front line of the recreational cannabis sales industry? If you are looking for the opportunity to get into a new industry or to transition from your current career, here is your opportunity to take control of your own education on a subject that has been forbidden for almost a century. 

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