Cannabis Training

Okanagan College is now offering cannabis training courses that provide unique insights into the emerging industry of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Learn about the regulatory policies and business opportunities in this unfolding market, investment strategies for individual investors and best practices in pest management for cannabis production. As an employer, learn how to be prepared for managing the legalization of cannabis in the workplace.

Cannabis plant

NEW! Recreational Cannabis Retail Sales

Are you interested in being a pioneer on the front line of the recreational cannabis sales industry? If you are looking for the opportunity to get into a new industry or to transition from your current career, here is your opportunity to take control of your own education on a subject that has been forbidden for almost a century.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Learn about the benefits of cannabis for general health and medicinal conditions. This course, taught by a medical professional, will provide a tutorial on cannabis in general, followed by specifics with regard to cannabis and health outcomes.

Upcoming courses

Get trained to work in the expanding cannabis industry

Okanagan College is currently developing training specifically designed to provide the core skills and solid foundation required for those interested in pursuing employment in this growing industry. 

Cooking with Cannabis – Coming in 2020
Okanagan College is working with cannabis professionals to develop a course for those who are interested to learn how to safely infuse and utilize cannabis to enhance a variety of recipes. 

Please check back to learn more about when these courses will be available.

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